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Welcome to My Gilded Corner

Welcome to My Gilded Corner

Hello and welcome to my gilded corner!

I’m so excited to share some of the recent updates I’ve made in my home over the last few years. Since I was working very little, there was time to spruce up corners and rooms throughout the home and I’ll be posting some of these updates in the coming months. Meanwhile, if you’re registered for a cooking class, you can feel free to wander about and take a peek for yourself when you are here (scroll for the cooking class schedule.)

Back to this cozy golden corner!

The gilded chairs before the redo

I bought this pair of antique French chairs about 8 years ago from an interior designer in Austin, they were part of his private collection. It was love at first sight! While the gilding does make them fancy and more typically found in the formal parts of the home, I wanted to use them in my den. I have this 1/2 offset wall that creates the ideal spot for a couple of small chairs and a tiny table, think reading nook! When the chairs arrived the covers were practically new and blended well with the other fabrics in the room so I left them as they were and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Teal chair

As I’ve worked throughout to lighten and brighten the home, I had the idea that the gold on the chairs would pop if they were covered in the strongest color in my decorating palette, dark teal. And wow, the teal velvet pulled out the chair’s details.

Golden mirror

I found this fantastic old Italian gilded mirror at a local mercantile store and placed it on the narrow wall above the chairs. I can’t get enough gold mirrors!

Gilded Corner with table and mirror

I began looking for a small low table for the corner arrangement and came across this adorable table. The top is a glass frame that lifts off the table creating a space for something really special. I’ll be honest, I did worry a bit that this was just too much gold and then I made a decision, I like it and that’s all that matters!

gilded glass table top

The removable glass top created the perfect canvas for my collection of French antique chocolate cards from the early 1900s. I found these charming cards at the French flea and have been holding them wondering how to use them for several years. The sweet faces of the children fill my heart with joy as I imagine them loving chocolate as much as I do!

Welcome to My Guilded Corner

When you put the pieces together this is what you get, a sweet gilded corner to read, visit or just relax!

I’d really love to hear from you! Start a conversation by leaving a comment below and Register TODAY for an upcoming class! XO Lorie

Summer Italian Workshop

Friday, June 24th, 10:30-2:30Summer Italian Workshop– a few spaces are still open

We’ll welcome the warmth and generosity of the Italian spirit and coastline in our menu full of summer flavors and tons of fun.  The day begins with two trending recipes that are completely gramable.  Each guest will compose an individual Jarcutierie complete with a lesson on how to make meat flowers, oh so cute!  The food play will continue as we fashion a Foccacia Art masterpiece.  Learn More

Bastille day Picnic for pick up

July 14-17thBastille Day French Picnic Baskets for Pick-Up- Place your order early, limited availability.

Planning a Bastile Day celebration or simply a unique date experience?  My French Picnic Baskets are the ideal answer to delight your sweetheart or special friends.  Pick up baskets at your desired time and enjoy a picnic in the park or as the French do, on the carpet! C’est Magnifique!! Learn More

Rosé All Day Wine Tasting 

July 22nd, 10:30-2:30 Rose Tasting 1-Day Workshop

Do you love Rosé wine or do you wonder what Rosé-all-Day is all about?  Either way, you will adore this day of French food and French wine. We’ll master each dish side-by-side and wind our way through this lavish menu chocked full of fresh summer goodness.  We’ll dip to the French Riveria for their beautiful wines and superb food, guaranteed to tempt the tastebuds.  Our day will begin with a glass Learn More


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