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I’m Lorie, and I bring to life the essence of French culture for those seeking more than just a vacation. As a teaching chef and Founder of A Taste of Paris™, my award-winning food and lifestyle brand, I share my extensive knowledge of French food, culture, and history with others who want to live la belle vie.

What you see now all started when I merged my local cooking classes with a trip to Paris. It was a hit, and A Taste of Paris™ was born!

Many trips later, with my extensive French cooking experience and intimate knowledge honed over two decades of exploring France, I’ve forged unique connections with local chefs and artisans, ensuring that trips with me are nothing short of extraordinary. And, I’m thrilled to share these connections, insider tips, and all the best with my travelers.

Why France?

France is not just a destination; it’s a way of life. The French have an innate ability to find joy in the ordinary, turning everyday experiences into art. It’s how they savor a meal, cherish a conversation, or select a bottle of wine. This philosophy has always resonated with me, and through A Taste of Paris™, I get to share this enchanting way of life with you.

By embracing the French approach to life, you’re not just indulging in delicious food or exquisite wine; you’re learning to slow down, appreciate the finer details, and cultivate an environment that nourishes the soul.

Whether through my culinary excursions, cooking classes, or the recipes and stories shared on my blog, I invite you to Taste, Discover, and Be Inspired by this joyful and intentional lifestyle.

How I partake in the French Way:

I start every day with a bite of chocolate (because why not?).

I believe in the magic of a shared table and the stories it evokes.

I know that deep connections are possible when we break bread together.

I think the sound of popping corks means the fun is just beginning.

I trust that every day offers the opportunity to celebrate life.

So, come on…Let’s delve into the world of French cheese, wine, and chocolate together. I promise to sprinkle in a little joie de vivre and help you bring A Taste of Paris™ into your daily life!

- Lorie Fangio

Chocolate Connoisseur
Chef, Writer, Travel Guide Founder,
A Taste of Paris™
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