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You're invited to experience...

L ’art de Vivre à la Française!

A Taste of Paris "The French Art of Living"

Join the movement to Taste, Discover, and Be Inspired by French culture and lifestyle through immersive culinary instruction, bespoke travel itineraries, and an appreciation for life’s shared moments and pleasures.

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In an increasingly rushed and disconnected world, A Taste of Paris™ represents…
slowing down and savoring the moment – the true French way. It’s about finding joy and community in the simple things, whether it’s a perfectly baked croissant, a glass of fine wine, or laughter-filled conversations around the table. You don’t need a passport to get started here–within these pages, you’ll find recipes that will become family favorites, stories of personal growth and connection, and ideas to integrate the beneficial aspects of French living into your daily life.

A Taste of Paris Awaits

Cooking Classes

Join me in my home kitchen in McKinney, Texas, for French-inspired cooking classes where good food and fun are always on the menu.

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Food & Wine Trips to France | A Taste of Paris

Travel to France

Immerse yourself in the flavors of France in this boutique culinary adventure of a lifetime. Cook and taste your way through Paris and beyond while seeing all the major sites and museums.

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Discover how to bring some joie de vivre into your everyday life through my shared recipes & stories wherever you are, no passport required!

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How It All Began...

My life changed forever one day when, while I was teaching a French Pastries class, a longtime student piped up and asked,

“Lorie…when are you going to take us to Paris?”

I stopped in my tracks. My mouth fell open.

As I mulled the question over, I noticed a deep stirring in my gut. That night, I had a dream in vivid color about how to share my love of food and France with others.

The next morning, I bounded out of bed and eagerly shared the burgeoning idea with my husband. With his encouragement, a good business plan, and a lot of prayer, I took a leap of faith. The best part? Nine remarkable women lined up and leapt with me, and A Taste of Paris™ was born.

That first trip, and each trip since, has had a deeply personal impact on travelers. Immersing yourself in the French way of life and exploring this country through its food alters your point of view forever.

It’s also been a transformative experience for me to participate in the shared journey of my travelers and the community that evolves from exploring a different culture together.

You see, life stories tend to tumble out while breaking bread in a foreign country, tales of overcoming adversity, and moments of triumph- great and small.

These intimate moments, the meeting of hearts around a table, have become invaluable treasures to me.

And that’s why I continue to create opportunities for you with A Taste of Paris™– so you can also bring a little bit of France back to your home.

- Lorie


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