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New Life for an Old Favorite

Cute pair of French Chairs

I have a thing for chairs, and by thing, I mean a problem!  I could own hundreds of them and when found in pairs, my heart sings!

old chair with harp back

About 20 years ago I bought a pair of cute chairs at Tuesday Morning.  They were in my bedroom for at least a decade. One day I noticed that a front leg was broken right in half on one of the chairs… how on earth did that happen?  With a rough and tumble family like mine, you learn not to ask too many questions.

The chairs served us well and I was tempted to toss both of them but opted to tuck the good one away, in an upper floor bedroom.

Chair frame

Recently, when I began to renovate my downstairs guest bedroom to get it ready for the decent of the upcoming wedding party, I remembered this tired old chair. Its bones were good with pretty carvings and the harp back but the finish seemed cheap, dark and dated.

chair with cushion popped out

The cushion was popped out and taken to a local upholstery shop.  The sides of the cushion were gusseted to make room for the arms and this seemed too difficult for me! Hint; know when to ask for help!

The first step to refinishing this old favorite was to lightly sand the entire surface so the fresh paint would stick.  And, the surface had to be wiped clean eliminating all of the sanding dust.

chair getting spray painted

Next, the chair was spray painted.  I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X Satin in Heirloom White.

Once completely coated with paint, the chair was left to thoroughly dry and it was sanded a second time.  This process was repeated 3 times to give 3 coats of paint.  I will admit that I’m not the best painter, my husband definitively gave me a hand!

Painting the details in gold

Once the base was done, the real fun began!  Using Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold and a fine paint brush, the detail work was painted.

chair with gold detail finished

It took several hours but was so worth the effort!

Finished chair

And voilà!  Here is the new and improved chair, ready for another decade!

Do you have a fun redo project?  Tell us about it!

So many of you email me your sweet and insightful comments, did you know you can add your comments below?  That way everyone can see and join the conversation!!

Happy Day!



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6 Replies to “New Life for an Old Favorite”

  1. Lorie, is there anything you can’t do! You have super talents and I appreciate being able to share your projects. Anxious to see what you come up with next?!


    1. Hi Jean!!
      Well my family would tell you that I am terrible with any electronic devise and most computer programs, of course there are many other things I can’t do. My philosophy is, tell yourself it will be easy, do some research and don’t be too critical of your work. When your project is done, give yourself a pat on the back for trying!!


  2. Lorie, you are simply amazing with your projects from food preparation, to restoring furniture, to planting, decorating! Thank you for your honest comments, some just make me smile!


    1. Nancy!
      Thanks! Im so happy to make you smile!!


  3. Lorie, your chair redo is just lovely. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks Jacqui!!
      I’m enjoying it so much!!!


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