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The Parisians Cafe

Paris 2024 Bistro
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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where they should eat in Paris, I would be able to buy you ALL a meal at a Parisian Cafe!

This is such a hard question for me to answer. In a city where amazing food abounds, substandard fare is served in equal amounts. So, while asking where a good place to eat in Paris seems like a simple question, truly it is not.

Parisian cafe

Sure, I know some great places, the haunts I rely on, day in and day out when in the city, but are my go-to establishments worth a cab ride across 8 arrondissements? Probably not. Unless of course, you are seeking a Michelin restaurant or something very upscale, in this case, a cab ride is expected.

There is a French Cafe on every corner in Paris and it is difficult for a first or even a seasoned Paris traveler to decipher a good cafe from a bad one. Listen, this is important because Paris has the best food in the world and as I like to say, not a single meal in this city should be wasted. And just because they have a plethora of bistros, cafes, and brasseries, does NOT mean they are all good, quite the contrary.

Parisian cafe

I can’t tell you how many bad meals I’ve sidestepped over the years by paying attention to a few tell-tell signs and I’m going to share all you need to know to choose the best places to eat, relax, and get off of your feet for a little while.

I don’t want to be a buzz kill but the first and easiest clue to finding a great place to eat in Paris is to avoid the places with plastic flowers all over the awnings and shutters. These locations, scream, “Hey American, come here, take a photo, and have a yucky meal!” I know these locations make super cute Instagram posts, so if you must, order a coffee or an ice cream, you can’t go wrong with either of these menu items and you can move on for a delicious meal somewhere else.

Parisian Bistro

The next thing to look for is whether or not the place is clean. I know this seems like a no-brainer but it’s important. The French are far less concerned about how clean things are. If they are paying attention to this detail, the food is likely to be good. If you can’t tell how clean the place is from the street, check out the windows, are they grimy? If so pass on by, the kitchen is probably just as grimy and the restrooms could be gruesome.

Menus are always posted outside and are a fantastic indication of the caliber of the place. Is the menu only posted in English? If so, keep walking. If the French menu is first, on paper, and under glass, this is a good sign that the place is worth a chance.

Parisian cafe

Another sign that you’re headed into a great cafe is if the tables are full and the waiters are hustling.

My final tip for finding the best places to eat on the fly in Paris is to check out the restaurant guests. Are the tables full of tourists or French locals? If you see at least 1/2 locals, you are good to go. How can you tell a Parisian from a tourist? The Parisians will be leaning in and talking animatedly with their companions, the tourist will have their iPhones out, period.

French Bistro

These tips will ensure a stellar dining experience while in Paris. If you are still not feeling confident, ask the hotel concierge for a few restaurant options, then ask them which one they would like to dine in and go there.

Paris 2024 Bistro

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