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How To Prepare Leeks

how to prepare leeks at the market

Leeks are an underused vegetable. Did you know that leeks are loaded with antioxidants that fight inflammation? If you have not heard by now, inflammation in the body is something we all need to pay attention to. Inflammation can cause all kinds of illnesses and can cause our cells to age. Leeks also contain cancer-fighting compounds that can kill cancer cells!

I’ve been incorporating this lesser-known vegetable in many of my recipes. Leeks are part of the same family as onions, garlic, shallots, and chives. They look like a giant green onion but their flavor is mild and sweet when cooked properly.

If you have never used leeks in your recipes, you may be wondering just how to tackle these huge vegetables.

How To Prepare Leeks

Many people are put off by leeks because they look so dirty. It’s true that leeks can be filled with sand, because like a green onion, it grows under the earth and has many layers. The layers in a leek are not as tightly formed as an onion or shallot so a few simple steps are needed to be sure leeks are clean. When you know how to prepare leeks properly they will be clean!

Begin by cutting the ends off of the leeks, you can see that most of the dark green portion of the leeks were discarded. If the outer layer of the leek is tough, take that off as well. Slice the leeks in half, longways, and in half again creating quarters.

How To Prepare Leeks

Using a sharp knife, chop leeks finely.

How To Prepare Leeks

Place chopped leeks into a bowl.

How To Prepare Leeks

Fill the bowl with water and swish the leeks in the water. Let them stand for a minute or two, drain the water, and repeat.

How To Prepare Leeks

Allow the leeks to stand in the water for a few minutes then lift them out of the water. I usually place the leeks right into a chef’s plan with a tablespoon of butter. Give them a sprinkle of salt and pepper and cook for 7-10 minutes until leeks are soft and creamy.

If you are watching your carb intake, try a bed of leeks to serve fish or chicken on instead of potatoes or rice, and put them into tarts and casseroles. See my Chicken Bell Pepper and Leek Tart recipe that was made on Fox 4 in the Morning a few years back. This tart is a mouthwatering recipe that includes nutritious leeks.

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