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Paris Windows & Trends for Fall

One of my favorite things to do while in Paris is to look for trends, it feels like a throwback to my first career in apparel design.

Many of you probably already know that this was my first trip back to France in exactly 3 years. This time I traveled early and when I arrived, most of the windows were still full of summer looks but around September 12th something magical happened as if on cue, the windows across the city transformed overnight!

Some of my pictures may be a little crude as my final days in Paris were jammed with many things to do but snapping pictures to share with you really was near the top of my list.

A couple of trends were easy to spot, denim. Even though the blazer and bottom in this picture are made of sumptuous, flawless suede, they are cut and colored like good ole American denim!

This photo is interesting for a number of reasons. Notice denim tops with denim bottoms. This all-over denim look is prevalent but the tops and bottoms are different shades of denim. Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a pattern in denim like this. The dye and the finish are creating this interesting diamond effect. You will also notice that the jeans are short showing the ankle and in this case the top of the boot. This was one of the most fun trends I saw on the streets. Denim, short enough to expose the entire ankle with socks and loafers.

I LOVE the loafer trend! They are classic and a reminder of my college days when cute leather loafers were worn with everything.

How fun are these loafers by Louis Vuitton! One commonality I noticed in the Parisian loafers was that they were chunky. The soles are thick and often with the lug sole that you can clearly see in the first loafer picture.

I could not resist this trend and you will see me sporting 2 brand new loafers around my home town. I chose a black pair and a darling red!

As if a nod to the loafers, this school girl jumper with a crisp white blouse, looks fresh and sophisticated especially when worn with tights and chunky boots!

Fabrics with rich textures and deeply hued colors were in no short supply.

I adore the double-breasted blazers with sharp shoulders (yes shoulder pads!) made of tweeds and boucle often with metal threads throughout and dotted with shiny metal buttons, available at almost all the boutiques in Paris. To shop this trend here, I recommend Zara, personally, I like their solid version of this look.

Another trend I noticed on the street was denim, high waisted and nipped at the waist, cut slim through the upper hip and then very loose through the lower hip, thigh, and to the ground. These jeans were often lopped off at the wearers’ optimal length, anywhere from the ankle to the floor. This jean of the moment, was often paired with an oversized button-up collared shirt, completely tucked in with a wide or narrow belt to accent the nipped waist. The closest fit I’ve seen is the Banana Republic loose fit and it runs large.

For more fall trends from Paris, google fall runway shows and take a first hand look at all of the designers looks. Whether you are looking to emulate the latest fall fashion trends or just working to incorporate a few fresh pieces into your fall wardrobe, it’s a fun way to spend an hour or so!

I hope I’ll be seeing you in a cooking class this fall.

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XO Lorie


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