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Who Shares My Love of Succulents?

Ceramic urn planted with succulents

Who shares my love of succulents? If you’ve followed my blog before, you know, succulents thrill me and that gardening is a passion of mine.  Plans are already underway for the kitchen garden and as spring approaches I’ll be sharing this and some of the other outdoor projects I’ve been working on over the past few years.

Small birdbath planted with echeveria succulents

After sweeping up the pine needles and putting away all of the Christmas decorations the house feels clean and wonderful but it also leaves a craving for green plants around me.

According to design trend reports, like House Beautiful, Pinterest, and Better Homes and Gardens,  I am not alone.  In 2022, biophilic design is a major trend for interior design.  Biophilic design’s foundation is centered around the basic human need for nature.  Humans seek to connect to nature because our brains are imprinted with the necessity for food and shelter.  In the beginning, nature provided these things AND it still does.  After 2 years spent primarily in our homes, it’s no surprise we’re left longing for a connection to the outdoors, to our surroundings and our roots.

An easier way to think about biophilic design is simply bringing the outdoors into our spaces. Today, I’ll share 1 of 2 very simple design elements, to show you how I’m bringing the outdoors inside at my house and surfing along with this trend!

Do you share my love of succulents? These are echeverias.

Who shares my crush on succulents? To be more specific, it’s echeverias that I’m crazy about.  These are the succulents available in rosette shapes with tight thick leaves in shades of pink and green, ahh heavenly!  I’m fascinated by the architectural quality of this species and can’t get enough of them so naturally, this is where I started.

Succulents are a great way to bring the outdoors inside

Since my interior style leans toward French, I learned many years ago to buy things in pairs.  Symmetry is fundamental to French décororating.  To get started I pulled out 2 of my ceramic urns, bought several small echeverias, and in a matter of minutes voila, a pair of darling succulent urns ready to perch on my living room secretary.

All of the supplies for ceramic urns filled with succulents

I happened to have 2 small terracotta pots just the right size to fit into the ceramic urns.  For succulents, almost any container will do as long as it has holes in the bottom for good drainage.

Stuff the urn with paper

I used waxed paper to fill the bottoms of the urns so that the pots, once planted, would be the right height.

Planting the succulents

Next, I filled the terracotta pots with potting soil and added the small plants.  I gave the pots a good watering before nestling them into the urns. 

Succulent Urn

Press moss into any blank spaces to give the arrangement a polished look.

Potted Succulent

This pop of green is just what this secretary needed to bring it to life in the cold winter months.  If you share my love of succulents, give this gardening project a try and you’ll be right on trend for 2022!

I’d love to hear from you! What are some things you do to bring the outdoors in?

XOXO Lorie


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21 Replies to “Who Shares My Love of Succulents?”

  1. […] a recent post, I created succulent plantings in a pair of urns as we focused on the Biophilic design trend. Maybe you have heard of this movement,  To define […]


  2. I was inspired by your succulent urns, so I went to Calloways and found three cute little succulents and a pretty blue pot and planted them today! I also love plants and try to find ways to bring the outdoors inside our home whenever I can. We have several green plants around the house, and the Fiddle Leaf Fig is loving being by a big window now. I’ve pruned the top of it several times and given the clippings away to friends who have had success replanting them.


    1. Hi SeekBalanceSea, Sarah!
      Wow!! So exciting, I hope your succulents are very happy! I am very curious about that fig you mention, does it produce fruit? Do you put it outside in the summer months? Would love to try and propagate next time you prune!! Propagating plants makes me feel connected to my grandmother! Thanks for sharing
      XO Lorie


      1. Hi, just reading your reply… the Fiddle Leaf Fig stays inside by a bright window. I will bring you down a prune next time it’s cut:)


  3. Thanks so much for all of these great tips. So beautiful!


    1. Hi Vonda!
      You are so welcome!!
      Xo Lorie


      1. Hey There!
        I was asked how to water the pots. A good point is that succulents do t need to be watered often. To water, I take the urns to the kitchen sink, carefully lift the pots out water well and let stand in kitchen sink to drain an hour or so, then replace them and repeat every 10 days or so. You can also spritz with water from a spray bottle every other time. Frequency depends on how dry the air is and varieties chosen!
        Thanks for the questions!


  4. Where can I buy urns like yours? Also missed your recipes


    1. Hi Sonny!
      I got my urns at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago. I looked on line and could not find them but they may still have or something very similar. Look in the section where they have the clay pots. Good luck and let me know!!
      Ps I get my succulents at Trader Joe’s this time of year!


      1. Sonny
        I did find them after all on Hobby Lobby’s website. They are called cream floral medallion flower pot, size medium, 15.99 sku number 325159.


  5. I have missed you. I like your succulents, too.
    I mostly have aloe vera plants, but yours are so pretty.


    1. Hi Betty!!
      I’ve missed you guys too. I always appreciated your emails!! Aloe Vera is a great plant to have for sure!!


  6. I love succulents!. While we were at the rent house we had a beautiful garden of potted plants. Daisies, succulents, lemon, orange, and lime trees. Unfortunately Jack forgot to cover them over New Year’s while we were at the cabin and most of them froze. But I am anxious to start planting again this spring.We had so many that he had babied and propagated. Especially the string of pearls. I am trying to see if they will come back.
    I love the white urns you used. They are beautiful.


    1. Hi Lori
      Sounds like your a gardening lover like me!! It’s just good for the soul to plant things!!
      I love that succulents propagate- not only is it a bonus, these look like little babies- so fun!!
      I may play with some citrus trees this season!!!
      Xo Lorie


      1. They’re beautiful, Lorie! I have several Potts of these that started from one gift years ago. I’d love to bring some indoors like yours! How do you water them? Do you remove them from the urns every week or every other week and water?


  7. Loved seeing your email in my inbox today!! And those urns are beautiful with the succulents. 🙂


    1. Thanks for this great information and ideas, Lorie! Can’t wait to try them!!!


      1. Hi Linda!!!
        Such a fun project! I’m so glad your inspired to make something pretty!
        Xo Lorie


    2. Hi Lauren!!!
      It’s great to be back at my desk and wonderful to hear from you!! Have a great week!!
      Xo Lorie


  8. I love these too! Can’t wait to buy some this week! Thank you for the tips and inspiration!


    1. Hi Kirstin!!
      I get my succulents at Trader Joe’s!! Let me know how your project goes!!


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