Succulents to LOVE!

Succulent arrangement

It’s no secret that along with millions of others, I love succulents.

It all started when my children were very small and I discovered the tightly woven, textural, rosettes called echeverias.  Back then, I spent hours crafting and caring for living wreaths.

These days, I prefer no-fuss projects with a sure outcome and it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Supplies needed for succulent arrangement

I started with my large white container that often holds orchids.  Its home is on a silver tray that rests on my coffee table in the living room.  This room has huge floor to ceiling windows so it’s filled with light.

Placing the succulents in the container

Made in Italy, my container is thick, heavy and deep.  I needed a whole bag of excelsior to fill the container to the top so the succulents could be at rim level.

The arrangement is taking shape

Next, I started to place my freshly watered succulents into the container.  Leaving the plants in their plastic pots will allow removal and watering as needed.

moss is tucked in around the plants

To complete the arrangement, small pieces of green moss were tucked around each pot to give the arrangement a cohesive look.

the finished arrangement

And voila!  I have a little of the outdoors, inside for the remaining summer season.

The next project I’ll tackle?  Polishing my silver!!




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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Lorie! Thank you for posting! I love succulents too, but haven’t felt with them much. I might try to bring some indoors! Robin

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