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Topiary Love

topiary 7

Fall really is a fantastic time to do some landscaping. The temperatures are a bit cooler so the plants won’t go into shock and the ground is still warm enough for them to get established before winter’s chill.

I love the look of a trio of topiaries; it reminds me of the beautiful French gardens.


French topiaries 2

Of course mine have a ways to go…Maybe the image below is a more realistic aspiration.


To get started you will need:

-3 clay pots, one larger than the other two

-3 boxwood shrubs- look for plants that are fuller rather than tall.

-Potting soil


Plant the shrubs in the pots like any other plant, stones in the bottom for drainage, good quality soil and the base of the plant slightly below the rim of the pots.

topiary 6

Using sharp shears begin trimming the boxwoods.  Start by cropping the top fairly short.  This allows sun to come through the top so the shrubs can fill in.

topiary 6

Keep trimming until you have a ball.  You will have to trim your topiaries about every 2-4 months.


You see Thomas the bear in this photo of my backyard.  He is hand carved of one huge piece of wood; can you imagine how big that tree was?  Thomas is the “brother” of Theodore, our first bear.  We bought Theodore on vacation to Wyoming when our daughter was 2.  Theodore eventually succumbed to the outdoors after many years with the family.  An enormous box showed up at the front door one day after my husband was in Alaska on his annual fishing trip and Thomas has been a welcome addition to our family and landscape ever since!



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