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Threads from the Past Bring Luck to Brides of Today

Threads from the past bring luck to brides of today. I want to share a special memento that was hidden inside of Brookes dress; designed to bring the good fortune of 93 years of marriage to she and Chris on their wedding day.

While wedding planning, it occurred to me that Brooke’s wedding day would be free from surprises. When you are involved in all of the decisions that’s just the way it goes. I began to listen to her, hoping a few ideas for small surprises would emerge.

She told me that some brides sew a little piece of their mom’s wedding dress into their own for the “something old” and to bring them luck as they head down the aisle. She asked if I might be willing to cut a piece from my dress. This was my chance! I said, no, I really don’t want to cut my dress, and behind the scenes; I went to work.

I had the idea to incorporate more than just my own dress into a really special piece. I started by calling my mom. “Hey there, how would you feel about slicing up your wedding dress; you know, the one you wore over 60 years ago. The one that your mother sewed for you with her own sweet hands…uh…what do you think?” She pulled the dress from the closet and discovered she could take a small piece from the dress on an inside bodice seam that would include some of the lace and I was in business. I pulled my own gown out and found that I could take some of the fabric from under the bow and a bit of lace and pearls from the train that would not be missed.

Now that I had the clippings from both dresses, I began to sketch some ideas.  I initially thought I would hand embroidery the words onto the piece but after the first attempt, I realized this was not the way to go.  I really wanted something that looked polished not handspun. 

I thought it would be important to have all three wedding dates on the design along with a special message of love and luck.  I wanted to encapsulate the clippings from both dresses inside a bit of tulle so you could see the bits of fabric, lace and pearls clearly.

Once I had the design laid out, I went to see Anil at Embroid It at The Shops of Willow Bend.  He input the design using his computer and we played around with the size and scale.  Once we had it all set, he embroidered the design in blue thread (for Brooke’s something blue). 

As you look at the photos, you may be wondering why the heart is pink. I wore a blush gown when I married Brooke’s father, 31 years ago.

I was in the apparel industry working for Prophecy; a better women’s sportswear brand, when I was planning my own wedding. I sketched the gown of my dreams  and a precious designer and expert patternmaker, Jana Klingbeil, made the pattern. I went to Victor Costa and bought the very blush, silk, satin they were showing in the bridal runway shows that season. Alton Brown, the most gifted seamstress at  the company, constructed my dress and I felt like a queen!

I digress, this story is about Brooke and her dress!

The next step would be to sew by hand the tiny tulle hearts onto the large heart.  I took the finished design to Brooke’s final fitting and the amazing seamstress at The Blushing Bride in Frisco sewed it in for me. 

Luckily, Brooke never peeked at her dress again until it was time to put it on.

Being able to surprise Brooke with this special gift meant so much to me and she walked down the aisle with 93 years of marriage backing her up.    

Thank you Gingersnap Studios for doing such a wonderful job with the wedding photos and for capturing this special moment for us.

Sweet threads, tokens,  from the past brings the very best luck today!


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