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Stains Be Gone!

Stains Be Gone

Stains Be Gone

Now and then you come across a product that changes your life. I discovered Carbona stain cleaners after reading a book describing how the French household is set up including a long chapter on laundry.

The French have access to many solvents and cleansers that we can’t get in the United States but the author recommended the Carbona line of stain lifters.

Stains be gone stain lifters

I ordered a full set of Carbona cleaners and was amazed at how effective they were. I went to the closet and got to work on my favorite blazers, blouses, and dresses that I had not been able to part with even though they had, make-up, wine, diet coke, and chocolate stains on them.

Am I predictable or what? I was able to lift almost all of the stains and many had been on the
garments for over a year. I was thrilled to be able to save most of my treasured favorites.

Two favorites saved from stains
I began to talk to everyone about these products. So much so that my sweet daughter cautioned me one evening, after hearing about my laundry triumphs for months, she reminded me that laundry is a
pretty boring subject for a dinner party. Every time I think about that I burst into laughter!

Laundry is so boring. It’s true, that most of life’s daily chores and routines are quite mundane. Still, I assert that just because something is dull does not mean we can’t approach the task with excellence. When it comes to laundry, nothing beats the Carbona line. As long as you know what the stain is, these products will lift it so if you have stains that need to be gone, grab some today!

plastic stain


stain gone

As a side note, I did not get compensated in any way for this post. I did reach out to Carbona to ask for a full set of cleansers to give to one lucky reader but sadly they never responded.

Hope to see you soon!  

XO Lorie

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  1. I’m confused by the pictures of the 2 purple shirts. They are obviously different shirts (different buttons, different thread on buttons, different fabric on inside of the shirt). So what are the pictures trying to show us?

    1. Kristy It is the same shirt the light makes them look like different colors. The light in my laundry room changes as the sun goes down. Same shirt, spot gone.

  2. I grew up using Carbona in Boston, but there was always a strong odor. Looks like that is gone.

  3. It’s true! They are the best cleaners.

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