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Plan a little FUN with Cupcake Martini’s

Cupcake Martini

Do you have a Zoom happy hour planned today?

If not, consider planning one and making my Cupcake Martini for 1.  I promise this sweet, colorful beverage will not disappoint.

People, sometimes you just need to create your own fun and I think this beverage will get us a long way towards doing just that that!!

Happy Friday!

Cupcake Martini

Cupcake Martini


2-parts vanilla vodka

1-part Amaretto

1-part whole milk

2-parts club soda


Vanilla cake frosting


To garnish glasses, pour sprinkles into a shallow dish.  Rub the edge of each glass with a small amount of frosting, press glass rims into the plate with the sprinkles. Shake all cocktail ingredients with ice and strain into prepared martini glasses.


Don’t have vanilla vodka?  use plain vodka and add a few drops of vanilla extract.

Don’t have Amaretto?  Change the flavor profile by adding a different liquor like Grand Mariner or Tuaca.

Don’t have frosting for the sprinkle rim?  Use marshmallow cream, Nutella or honey instead.



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One Reply to “Plan a little FUN with Cupcake Martini’s”

  1. Robin Cappelli April 25, 2020 at 7:11 PM

    Great idea about the Cupcake Martini! I’m saving it for my next celebration!



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