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My Favorite Things 2022

My favorite things 2022

My Favorite Things 2022

I’m super excited to share some of my favorite things, just in time for holiday shopping and gift giving!

This curated list includes things I already love and a few items I’d love to receive this holiday season. I hope it sparks your creativity, and, imagination, and helps you with your shopping list. The best part, all you have to do is click the photo and add to cart!

Lets get this shopping party started!

The first 3 items work independently or together to form a larger gift.

  1. FOX Fur Slippers

fox fur slippers

I recently went to a work retreat and we were invited to wear PJ’s to dinner one night…WHAT?

Nothing in my PJ drawer would do so I set out to find something cute enough to wear to the dinner table with an award winning chef doing the cooking and serving. I happened upon these fox fur slides! They are so comfortable and so cute! Since then, I’ve bought several pairs as gifts and they never disappoint!

2. Victoria Secret Flannel Pajamas

Victoria Secret Pajamas

I love Victoria Secret flannel pajamas They are very lightweight so you never get too hot. They have adorable patterns like this reindeer with a huge pink bow and they wear like iron! What more can I say?

3. Silk Satin Pillowcase

silk satin pillowcase

Silk satin pillowcases are so good for sleeping. They stay cool, reduce skin creases and dryness and you can say goodbye to bedhead! Seriously, wake up with hair that just needs a gentle touch up and skin like rose petals! Tafts pillowcases are 22 momme, this refers to the weight of the fabric and they are priced right!!

4. The Little Fashion Books

The little fashion books

The little fashion books are on my wish list this year and would be ideal for any fashion lover! The one pictured here is the Little Book of Chanel featuring a condensed look at the iconic CoCo Chanel and her legacy. The Little Book of Gucci and the Little Book of Louis Vuitton is also part of this collection. How fun would it be to receive all three!! woops what would a collection be without a 4th? The Little Book of Dior is also a must!

5. Rub Away Kitchen Odors

Rub away kitchen odors

This Rub-A-Way stainless steal everlasting soap will make all the difference in your kitchen! Do your hands smell of onions and garlic days after cooking? if so, you need one of these! The perfect stocking stuffer or gift topper for your favorite home chef!

6. Kitchen Scoop Set

my favorite things

I use my Kitchen Scoop Set so often. I love using them for making cookies, portioning cupcakes even getting soufflé batter into tiny ramekins. If you dont already have a set, get one, you will love it!

7. Cocktail Mixing Glass

my favorites

I love Cocktail Mixing Glasses, they are so elegant. When Mark and I go to dinner, we often end up a bit early at the bar and it’s so fun to watch the bartenders creating concoctions in these pretty glasses. Maybe someone on your list would like to receive one of these!

8. A Great Bottle of Champagne

mumm rose champagne

When at a loss for what to gift someone, my motto is go for a great bottle of champagne. My latest champagne crush that is available locally is G.H. Mumm Brute Rose. The bright salmon color is lovely, the bubbles are creamy and the finish is long and tastes of buttery brioche, just the way I like it!

Lorie by the tree

I hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite things 2022. It was so much fun creating it and I hope it has inspired you to finish up your shopping so you can enjoy the season. Stay turned to the coming posts for more Gifts from the Kitchen, gifts you make and share with the ones you love!

Hope to see you soon!



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  1. Hi Charlene!
    Great to here from you! So glad your enjoying the blog! Please share it with friends and family!!
    Xoxo Lorie


  2. Bonjour Lori
    I love this newsletter along with all of your recipes! C’est FANTASTIQUE! Merci! Charlie


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