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Is 2018 YOUR Year to Shine?

Is it possible to look younger and feel better in 2018?  The answer is a resounding YES! Join me this month for Food the Secret Fountain of Youth, a special kind of cooking class designed to turn the clock back. I’m ready to share ALL of my hacks for keeping our bodies young. Make a few simple modifications and see astounding results.

Join me and make 2018, YOUR year to shine. Register HERE or send an email to

Food the Secret Fountain of Youth Workshop- Friday, January 19th 11:00-2:00 Let’s young up in 2018, it’s easier than you think! The key to staying young is keeping inflammation down in the body and the latest research supports the notion that gut health plays a huge roll in doing just that.   In the super fun class, participants will learn how to choose foods that support anti-aging. EAT WELL AND LOOK YOUNGER! In addition, I’ll share all my secrets for staying youthful including; moving your body, stretching, moves to kick start a sluggish metabolism and keeping your gut working, so wear clothing you can move in. The food fun begins with fantastic options to jump start your day. Mouth watering grass fed cow Yogurt and Berries and a fabulous Veggie Omelet so packed with flavor you won’t miss the bacon!  We’ll top that breakfast with my favorite anti aging condiment, zesty Homemade Salsa.  6 Bean Soup topped with grass fed cheese and avocado will become a family favorite.  Another fabulous weeknight meal is Garlic Chicken with Quinoa and Turmeric served with a marvelous Spinach Salad good enough to be a main course.  We will prepare a yogurt and flaxseed Crusted Salmon that is out of this world served with Marinated and Roasted Asparagus.  Almond Butter with pears, apples, and bananas make the perfect afternoon snack.  Have you heard?  Pickled anything is good for you so we will pickle my favorite veggies to snack or top everything!  Eating well means being satisfied so we need a little sweet, Honey Banana Oat Cookie Bites and my favorite Chocolate Shards topped with goodness will finish us up.  Class Fee $65.00


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