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Hydrangeas Make Stunning Florals for the Home

Hydrangeas Make Stunning Florals for the Home

Hydrangeas make stunning florals for the home and creating them is as easy as 1-2-3!

Earlier this week I shared a post called Fresh Colors for Fall Decorating.  In this post I show you how I painted pumpkins in the colors of my home décor for fall decorations this year.  I also used fresh flowers to bring the look together and as promised, I want to show you just how simple this idea is.

To make these gorgeous floral arrangements at your house, gather a few bundles of white hydrangeas, a total of 6 stems, and eucalyptus or some other fluffy greenery. With these supplies you can make 2 large arrangements and two small ones. 

Greenery is the base for gorgeous hydrangeas florals for the home.

For the hydrangea arrangements at my house, I used 2 large rose bowls and 2 smaller crystal vases.  Begin by filling the containers with fresh water.  Create a foundation for the arrangement by cutting several stems off of the eucalyptus and tuck about 3, into each vessel.

When you cut stems for any flower arrangement, be sure you are using very sharp scissors, always cut the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that would be in the water, this keeps them from rotting making the water dirty. 

Finished hydrangea arrangements are stunning florals for the home.

For the large arrangements, I used 2 hydrangea stems in each.  The flowers are definitely top heavy, so if you have trouble getting them to stay put; rubber band the 2 stems together, then when you put them in the arrangement, they will stay secure.  For the 2 small arrangements, only 1 stem was used.  I cut the stems short so they would rest on the edge of the small vase.  

Place the hydrangea arrangements all over the home.

The arrangements look so pretty with the white and teal pumpkins and gourds.

Hydrangeas Make Stunning Florals for the Home

The white to green florals seem so fresh this time of year!

Put hydrangea stems in water if they get wilted.

I love using hydrangeas because they last so long in vases.  For the best care, change the water daily or every-other-day.  To care for blooms that get wilted, run them under cool water for a few seconds.

Proper care is important to make stunning hydrangea florals last.

Also, cut 3/4-1 inch off of the stem before placing it back into the vase with fresh water, after a few hours the bloom will be puffy and perfectly refreshed!

Hydrangeas make lovely florals for the home.

I hope you have enjoyed a closer look at my home this week.  Please share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!

Very soon I’ll be showing a post of my new and improved guestroom!  Have a wonderful weekend!  


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