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Fresh Colors for Fall Decorating

Fresh Colors for Fall Decorating.

Decorate for fall with a fresh color palette. Decorating for fall at my house looked a lot different than in years past. I always decorate my home using lots of seashells for the summer season. Summer goes on forever in Texas but in spite of that, I just did not feel like putting up the shells to pull out the pumpkins.

The soft colors of seashells and their extreme texture add such a calm to the surroundings and with all that is going on in the world, I was just not ready for the orange color transition.

Fresh color palette for fall decorting.

Over the last 3-4 years I have evolved most of my home away from the strong reds and golds that had been in every single room; in favor of shades of teal blue, beige and warm gold tones. I had to chuckle today when I pulled interior color projections for 2020 and red was dominantly featured. Isn’t that the way-the-cookie-crumbles,  we finally get thing transitioned to the “new-look” only to find out it’s time to start over again!

Fall decorating with pumpkins painted teal and white.

It was decided!  This year I would leave the intensely colored pumpkins in storage and I went to work to create something a very simple with real pumpkins, gourds and white to green fresh florals.

Fall pumpkins and gourds before painting them to our fresh colors for fall.

Initially, I planned to purchase lots of white pumpkins in various sizes but when I got them home, they seemed so yellow. Then it occurred to me, I could gather lots of interesting shaped pumpkins and gourds and paint them in colors that coordinated with my interior. This would allow me to bring the effect of fall on-board without overwhelming the space with bright color.

To get started, I purchased a container of white chalk paint, several bottles of craft paints in the vibrant shades. I simply mixed the white paint with the other colors to get my palette all set. I added a pretty gold color to the white paint just to warm it up a tad for all of the “white pumpkins” you see in my vignettes.

Pumpkins and gourds painted in white and shades of teal ready for fall decorating.

And the painting began! It was really fun and mindless work just brushing the paint right on the surface of the produce. I let everything dry overnight before arranging all over my home along with some simple florals that I will describe in my Friday blog post.

Fresh colors for fall decorating with pumpkins and copper.

As I began to arrange things, it became clear that the white pumpkins looked fabulous with copper.  Having so many cute small copper pieces really made putting these arrangements together fun!

Fall decorating with pumpkins, copper and glass cloches.

If you know me at all, you know glass cloches are some of my favorite decorating supplies.  When you put an assortment of goodies under glass; all of a sudden something ordinary takes on a special quality.

fall decorating with fresh colors for fall.
Fresh colors for fall decorating using pumpkins and gourds painted in fresh colors.

To create a foundation for the pumpkins and gourds, I put some fresh eucalyptus stems down first making a sort of bed. I have let the greenery dry out and it’s still very pretty.

Fall decorating using pumpkins along with rose bowls.

I mixed pumpkins with my crystal rose bowls.

Decorating for fall with an assortment of gourds on a silver platter.

And on my silver platters.

What fun it was this year to do something a little different!

I hope you enjoyed a close look at my fresh color palette for fall. Please leave your comments below so all my readers can join the conversation and join me again on Friday for a quick look at the easiest florals you will ever make!



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  1. I really love the muted colors. So peaceful.


    1. Thanks Vonda! That was exactly what I was going for, maybe I’ll be ready for the reds and golds that the holidays bring soon!


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