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Economize in the Kitchen

Economize in the Kitchen

With inflation on the rise, it’s hard to join a conversation anywhere that is not revolving around the subject of higher prices. Perhaps the only place these higher prices are more evident than in the grocery store is the gas pump.

In the early years of teaching and writing about food, when I had small children at home, economizing in the kitchen was always at the forefront of my mind. In later years, with just 2 of us to cook for and influenced by the French way of life, I’m less concerned about it. Food quality is now my focus; however, waste still bugs me and I’d love to share a few of my simple tips to cut waste and save on your grocery expenditures.

Lorie Economizing in the Kitchen

The first is the best way to reduce your overall grocery bill, is to plan your meals for a week at a time and make a shopping list. See my recent post, Grocery Store in Warp Speed, for my shopping strategies to save time and money. Planning for a week at a time cuts down on unneeded impulse buying and reduces waste.

What to do with leftover wine

Do you ever have leftover wine? I do! Whether we opened 1 more bottle with friends that did not get polished off or perhaps I wanted bubbles and Mark, red as we wind our way through the weekend. However, it happens I don’t like to waste food or wine. I measure any leftover wine before adding it to a clean glass jar. I label the jar with a sharpie and tuck it into the freezer.

When I’m ready to make Salmon in Beurre Blanc, it’s easy to pull out a jar and there’s no need to open a fresh bottle. The same goes for small amounts of red wine. I like to add red to sauces and soups to richen the flavors and add that coveted umami.

Economize in the Kitchen strawberries

For economizing in the kitchen nothing beats the freezer. The first step is to go through and clean out unused food and get your freezer organized.

This time of year, I eat berries every morning for breakfast and I buy what seems like a mountain of them each week. Sometimes I have left overs that are slightly past their fresh eating prime, instead of tossing them, I freeze them. They can be added to smoothies or used to make homemade Strawberry Ice Cream or my Quick Strawberry Jam!

Economize in the Kitchen- Bananas

I use the same technique for extra ripe bananas, keeping tick marks to tell me how many bananas are in the bag. To make my Bountiful Banana Bread, you need 7 bananas, so you can see why I like to save bananas and use them this way!


What are some of your favorite tips for saving money on groceries? We’d love to know, comment below and join the conversation!

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