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Comforting and Cruel

Lorie in front of Eiffel Tower

Lorie – Taste of Paris

Many of you have contacted me over the past several weeks asking about my trips to France, my business, and my overall well-being. Thank you for that; your kindness has meant more to me than you will ever know.

The truth is, until now, I have not been able to talk or write about it.

For the year 2020, I had achieved my 5-year business goal of filling 4 trips to France a year.  I was thrilled and left wondering what my next long-term marker would be. Little did I know, milestones would completely go out the window as we all gripped our loved ones tightly and watched our world change minute by minute.

I for one, found solace and ultimately, healing in my relationship with God.

I had 2 trips scheduled for April; 1-week in Paris,  a few days off in between and second group for a week in the French Riviera.

With worldwide travel completely shut down, you can imagine the scramble that took place in my world.

I am happy to report that both of these trips have been rescheduled for 2021.  I have been humbled and honored by the traveler’s willingness to work with me and my colleagues in France to achieve the desired outcome at a later date.  The flexibility they  demonstrated in crisis mode is a mark of great leadership.

Pain chocolat

It was April 17th, the first day I was meant to be in France; when I woke up and my whole house smelled of Pain au chocolat.  Buttery, caramelized bread baking with just a hint of chocolate in the air.  I jumped out of bed and looked around including in the ovens and nothing was there.  Had it been a dream?  The experience was both comforting and cruel all at the same time.

Pain au choclate, otherwise know as chocolate croissant, is what I always eat for breakfast in France.  Even when I am in the south of France, where olive oil, not butter, prevails.  I have been known to get up early, to walk great distances for the perfect pain au chocolat.

After that morning, I had been having trouble getting pain au chocolat out of my mind and my nose.

This past week, I had the rare opportunity to work via technology, with my favorite Parisian Chef to overcome several issues I had been having when making pain au chocolat in my home kitchen. This private tutoring was thrilling as Chef’s normal life-pace in France is like mine here; non-stop. I think I’ve finally honed all of the nuances to achieve a product that is both beautiful and has superb flavor, dare I say perfection?

Making these pretty pastries was cathartic and healing for me.

I know there is not one person on the planet that has not been affected by this global crisis. Many of our friends are suffering through the loss of loved ones, amazing jobs and businesses that have evaporated right before our eyes and many have lost life savings.

My wish is that we are all able to heal, and move forward to reclaim our dreams.

Dream big baby!



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6 Replies to “Comforting and Cruel”

  1. suzanne chapman May 7, 2020 at 8:43 AM

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your reflections made me stop and think on my non stop working from home. Thank you for all your wonderful post during this trying time. Suzanne Chapman

  2. Lorie, you are loved and admired and I so appreciate your beautiful thoughts and reflections.

  3. Beautifully written and extremely humbling. You are so right that there is no one who has not been affected. Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful person inside and out!!!! Love you!!

  4. Beautifully said…

  5. Lorie,
    You have definitely been in my thoughts but knew you had a lot on your plate rescheduling you’re France trips not to mention the disruption in your life much like ours over the last few months. We can hope that the country as well as our lives will be restored and we can get together again real soon.

    Thank you for your post and know all who know you are along side always.

    Susie Buyck
    Uniquely Susie B’s

  6. Lorie, thanks so much for the update. We cannot imagine the pain that you experienced as a result of this horrible epidemic. After we canceled our cooking class we all wondered why there was no response from you! Hopefully our club can reschedule for next year. Thanks again, Linda Stagner, North Dallas Newcomers.

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