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Cherub Love

Tall concrete cherub birdbath.

What is it about cherubs that absolutely magnetize me?

Is it their undeniable sweetness?  The innocence they project or their plump extremities that make them irresistible?  Perhaps they remind me of the two cherubs I was lucky enough to raise.  Whatever the reason, I am simply charmed by cherubs and they turn up everywhere in my romantic garden.

Cherub birdbath filled with hens and chicks

Today, I am sharing a few of my favorite cherub birdbaths; they seem to pop up around every corner!

I have spent more time working in the garden the last two months than I had spent in the last three years and our property was really showing the signs of neglect. Building my business taking groups to France for Food and Wine trips, consumed most of my waking hours.  The current standstill offered a great opportunity to get out in the yard and put my hands in the dirt.

Cherub birdbath with pink impatience blooming.

I love gardening.  It gives me a chance to nurture something as I still long for the days when my children were little. I also really enjoy the physicality.  It feels good to work hard and to build an appetite!

Cherub with succulents and Enjoy sign.

Birdbaths and succulents just seem meant for each other, don’t they?  The shallow dish of a birdbath makes it a nice place to plant succulents, or flowers or just to fill with water and watch the birds enjoy!

birdbath and lanterns

Next week, I’ll show you how to create these darling lantern planters, one of my favorite gardening projects!




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