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Barthelemy One of My Favorite Parisian Addresses!

The French are serious about their cheese.  The average French citizen consumes more than 55 pounds of cheese annually compared to a meager 34 pounds for Americans. No matter how you slice it, thats a lot of cheese!

In France there is an entire course of the meal dedicated to cheese.  The cheese course is served after the main course and before or instead of dessert.  Cheese is considered a digestive, it “closes the stomach”.  I tend to close my stomach with chocolate but I digress.

Because the French love their cheese, every community in France has a Fromagerie, an entire shop dedicated to cheese.

If you’re visiting Paris and have time for only 1 cheese shop, Barthelemy is a must.  This quaint little shop is packed full of wonderful cheese. It’s worth noting that Barthelemy is the supplier to the Elysee, the official residence of the President! So if you go there and taste cheese, you will eat the same cheese as President Macron, pretty cool huh?

When I visited in September, I could  not  wait to get my hands on the petit coeur de neufchatel.  These darling hearts had mine at first glance and the flavor was incredible.  If you like creamy cheeses the house made Fontainbleau should not be missed.  It has a dreamy cloud like texture, is mild in flavor and made with cows milk.

It makes me want to emulate the French and have a dedicated cheese course with all of my meals!

If you want to learn more about French cheeses, join me this Saturday, February 23rd  for a demonstration The French and Their Cheese at the Dallas Arboretum

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  1. часто вижу пауков к чему это, к чему увидеть паука
    на полу во сколько раз объём сириуса больше объёма солнца, звезда сириус как увидеть к чему снится неприятный запах изо рта карта астрология гороскоп
    к чему снится серая крыса укусила, к чему снятся мыши и крысы женщине


  2. Hi thanks for sharingg this


  3. […]  After a visit to the famed Poilane boulangerie, we enjoyed our bread along with cheese bought at Barthelemy all while sipping wine at a sweet […]


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