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Front Door Update!

Being closed inside for months of cold temperatures and rain always gives me the urge to update some things around the house.

My front door space was in desperate need of a facelift.  I think that is the perfect word.  The front door is like the face of your home.  It is the first thing visitors and people driving by notice.

My front door was really looking tired!  So I decided to update.

Most of the plants in my urns were gone due to lack of care through the colder temperatures of winter. And the front door wreaths were really in trouble; not only were the red flowers and ribbons looking worn and dirty, I could never get them to hang straight on my door. It was time for a redo!

I pulled off the red flowers and ribbon and touched up the paint on the large empty frames.  I bought wired edge burlap ribbon and heavy jute string.  I looped the jute string around the frame in a double loop.  This would allow one side of the jute loop to hang on either side of my door wreath hangers (painted the same color as my front door).  I first hot glued then taped the jute string to the back of the silver chalkboards.  I tied a pretty bow with the burlap ribbon and hot glued it in place. Now the frames hang straight!

After getting my “wreaths” set, I added a huge monogrammed door mat.  Since I have a double front door, the space could handle this oversized statement mat and I love that the design seems to reflect the color of the front door!

I added white primroses and…

…purple pansies to the posts urns and baskets.

One lantern with a pop of pink is just what the space needed.

Are you noticing a theme?

Sweet cherubs bring me so much joy!

That’s better, now my front door is smiling!


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11 Replies to “Front Door Update!”

  1. […] years ago, I made these fun door hangings for the front door. See how to make them in Front Door Update. I love that these unusual wreaths really do say […]

  2. You are inspiring me to update by front door. Thanks, Lorie

    1. Thank you! You made my day. I would love to see you soon Jackie!

  3. Nice update. Inspiring too. You have to catch the weather at the right moment these days.

    1. So true! Hope to see you soon Monica!!

  4. So pretty. Well done Lorie…..

  5. Lorie, it looks lovely!

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