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Amazing Transformation

glass of wine and books

Did anyone else feel like sprucing things up a bit during quarantine?

We all spent so much time at home; for me it was impossible not to walk through my house looking for a way to freshen things up.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a few of the simple redo’s that we did around my house; hopefully they will provide you with some inspiration.

black hand painted chest

Many years ago, a group of my girlfriends piled into several vehicles to visit a store we had heard about in Ft. Worth, known for unique and hand painted pieces which were all the rage at the time.

I had always loved secretary desks.  The top folds down to reveal lots of tiny drawers perfect to hold paperclips, pens, stamps and so on.

secretary desk

I was absolutely thrilled to find this amazing piece and have loved it for so many years. It’s home had been in my formal living room.

As I began to lighten up my decor, moving away from the rich reds and golds, this piece seemed out of place.  While the painted detail was very beautiful, it just did not fit. I hated to get rid of it because the design was so unique.

A quick call to my sweet next-door neighbor, Tracey, and the piece was whisked out of my house to hers, for a much-needed face-lift.

robins egg blue chest


Isn’t the transformation amazing? Now that the piece is one color you can see all of the gorgeous detail!

close up of the open chest

Tracey used chalk paint to cover the black and all of the ornate flowers for a clean robin’s egg blue.  She coated the piece with polyurethane to be sure it is durable and then tipped in with gold accents to show off the detail. Of course her process is much more complex than this…

robbins egg blue chest

I just love it; the perfect change to update the whole room.

formal living room

Do you have a piece that needs some love and care?

If so, you can contact Tracey at 214-532-4221 OR message her through her Facebook page T’s Artsy Attic.

Follow her page so you can see pieces as she finishes them, some are for sale!

Happy updating!!!




Reader interactions

10 Replies to “Amazing Transformation”

  1. Oh my goodness!! It is beautiful!!


    1. Lauren
      Thank you so much! Such a change!


  2. Love it so much!!!


    1. Thank you!!


  3. Lorie, the chest turned out beautifully. What a soothing color, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see next post.


    1. Hi Martha!
      Thank you! I have lots more good house stuff coming!!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Tracey does amazing work.


    1. Julianna,
      Tracey is very gifted!!!


  5. Jenna Woodruff August 7, 2020 at 9:35 AM

    It really does look amazing, not that it wasn’t beautiful before, but I love the lighter color!


    1. Jenna,
      It’s amazing how one simple change can update the whole room!!


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