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Texas Meets Paris Luxury Dinner Party- Cooking Class

September 05, 2024

Meets Paris Luxury Dinner Party- Cooking Class

Dinner parties are back in vogue and I am celebrating my first ATOP trip to France in 2015 where a group of Texans took on Paris!

We’ll approach Texas beef and potatoes with a Frenchie twist.  In this hands-on class, we will cook together for a fabulous evening of camaraderie and French techniques.

The party will start with an amuse-bouche chef’s choice and an ATOP classic Peartini Cocktail and then we’ll dive into a sumptuous menu sure to please!  Our first course will be a crispy Endive Apple and Goat Cheese Salad served with Brioche Buns that are light as air.  Our main course will be tender Beef Tournedos with irresistible Apple Bacon Butter and a Brandy Pan Sauce you’ll make again and again.  Dinner plates will be rounded out with luxurious Potatoes Lyonnaise and lovely Deconstructed Ratatouille, wow, that’s a scrumptious mouthful!  Wine will be served with dinner.  A bite or two of cheese will be in order, more Texas style than French, before we indulge in sensational Lime Creme Brulé.  We will have a marvelous time cooking, eating, and sharing!

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