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The Best Teaching Chef’s


Food is so important to the French; in fact it is their number 1 expenditure beyond housing.


Who else would painstakingly craft these tiny little cakes with so much detail?

If you see a group of French people together, they are probably talking about what they ate yesterday what they are currently eating or what they will eat tomorrow.  It is almost an obsession to find the finest best tasting food available.

eggplant 2 market

This is why their markets are loaded with food that looks like this (no filter).


Because of Frances rich culinary history and their quest for the very best food, the cooking classes in France are like nothing you experience here.


While trip registration for A Taste of Paris is open, I am exploring “Why France?” with my travelers and this is what Laura Whatley said…

Laura at cafe

“I always wanted to go to Paris to take cooking classes there.  I knew Lorie had extensive experience cooking in Paris, so I immediately knew ATOP was an absolute perfect fit!”


“This was an amazing trip of a lifetime; the sites, the friendships made, and the delectable cooking.”  


“Go with an appetite for Paris and you will be on cloud nine.” 


After decades of cultivating relationships with the very best teaching chef’s in France, I am able to offer my A Taste of Paris travelers something really special.


We cook in the finest schools the country has to offer.


Not only are the classes entertaining,


and tasty,


mad skills, like deboning fish are learned!


Travel with me in 2019 and let’s make some memories together!











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  1. Patrick Esquerre , La Madeleine Founder July 29, 2018 at 7:24 AM

    Bonjour Lorie,

    Joan and Larry Kelly suggested I contact You after their dinner cruise in Paris on my Parisian toy Petrus III. I love your culinary trips to France. Please call me 469-688-2165

    A bientot



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