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Thanksgiving 2023

And just like that it’s Thanksgiving week! This is without a doubt the biggest cooking week of the year and in case you are still wondering what will be on your table this year, I wanted to share some of my family’s all-time-favorites with you today.

When the leaves start falling outside, and pears are at their best, I always harken back to this simple cocktail that never lets me down, the Sparkling Pear Cocktail. This simple beverage is made with pear juice, which has plenty of natural sweetness so no sugar is added to this drink. The Sparkling Pear only has a few ingredients and can be mixed in a pitcher or on demand!

Grocery Store Hack- If your store does not carry organic pear juice, simply go the the baby food section to find filtered pear juice. The cocktail will be prettier because filtered juice is clear.

Next Up, you’ll need a delicious appetizer

I love my Herbed Herbed Cheesecake with Caramelized Onions for a Thanksgiving appetizer. It is beautiful, and irresistible but most importantly, these are flavors not generally found in the rest of the Thanksgiving meal, so it is interesting. This recipe can be made entirely in advance and is ideal to place out for nibbling as guests arrive.

Of course, the Turkey is always the star of any Thanksgiving feast but for me, it is the dressing that always makes my mouth water.

Mom’s Cornbread Dressing with big chunks of walnuts, simply cannot be beat! It is easy to prepare, and always a hit. Some dressings can be boring because there is nothing crunchy, well the walnuts take care of that! One recipe makes enough to feed 10-12 people.

Kitchen Hack- Don’t prepare this recipe in advance. Make the dressing the day you will cook it, otherwise, the walnuts will be soggy and lose their crunch.

Another Thanksgiving staple is of course cranberry sauce. I know there is a healthy debate about freshly made cranberry sauce versus the congealed store-bought stuff… Give my Orange Scented Cranberry Sauce a try this year and I’ll be you never look back! It is simple to prepare and the orange gives it a wonderful holiday vibe.

Of course, there are many side dishes we crave that go along with the Thanksgiving meal, I hope you will share some of your favorites with ATOP readers in the comments below but for now, I’d like to offer a stunning dessert that will leave your guests speechless.

My Coming Up Roses Tart is one of the most beautiful dishes that comes out of my kitchen. This dessert is so delicious and is primarily apples, so you can feel good about it. The rose pattern is created by slicing Honeycrisp apples thinly and then arranging them in a spiral in a tart pan that has been lined with puff pastry. It truly is spectacular.

Preparation Hack- Have a guest in Intown that is eager to help with preparations but does not know your kitchen? Have them help by arranging the apples in the tart pan!

I hope this is the start to a magical holiday season for you and your family!

…Oh, and if you did not have a chance to look at my Holiday Gift Guide for 2023, check it out for tons of gifting inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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  1. Lorie! Every single recipe you post is visually beautiful and I’m certain as delicious as it looks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 😍


  2. Awe!! Thank you so much!! It is a challenge to get great photos so I appreciate your kind words so much!!!


  3. I could lick the screen! Wonderful twists on the classics!


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