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Pink Favorites~Part Deux

ATOP has launched A Taste of Paris Goes PINK, turning the site PINK for the month of March in celebration of women and our all-female culinary trip to Paris in April 2019 and ONLY one room remains available.

Since PINK is my favorite color, and one of the hottest colors for spring, I have been featuring my PINK crushes on the blog.

I had no idea how hard it would be to narrow down my “BIG PINK HEARTS”, so I split the list in half.  Favorites Part Un and now Favorites Part Deux.

If you see something you LOVE too, all you have to do is click and ship!

KitchenAid Chopper

How happy would it make you to pull this chopper out for all of your recipes?  I use my KitchenAid chopper practically daily, it’s small size is ideal for making pesto, hummus or just chopping herbs for savory dishes. Shop Now

OPI Nail Polish

Being a girly girl at heart, pretty pink nails are what I crave.  OPI has always been my brand of choice; it goes on easy and lasts for days!  Summer Crush Blush is opaque with a hint of shimmer. Shop Now

Gucci Loafer

These darling Gucci loafers remind me of my ballet slippers and they are just as soft! The Brixton style gives you some versatility, fold the back in and you have a mule, pop it up and you have a traditional loafer. Shop Now

Pearl Earrings

PINK twist on a classic.  These beautiful PINK pearl studs are 10 mm, 14kt gold and less than $30.00. What more could a girl ask for? Shop Now

These wide spaced stripes remind me of high school but they are so fresh again this season.  This T pairs perfectly with the J. Crew cardigan.  Shop Now

J. Crew Cardigan

I heart this cardi, in fact I own it in 3 colors. It’s lightweight and holds its shape beautifully, and bonus, it’s on sale now! Shop Now

Thanks for letting me share my favorite PINK stuff with you!  Do you have a PINK Favorite?  I would love to hear about it!


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4 Replies to “Pink Favorites~Part Deux”

  1. Love all your picks!! Especially the pink Gucci’s!


    1. Thanks!! Pink is so fun!!!


  2. Love all of your picks! Especially the pink Gucci’s!


  3. Thanks Lisa!
    They are so cute versatile and soft!! Awesome to hear from you!!


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