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Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe
   Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and if you are like me, you’re getting a few sweet treats together for your sweethearts. 

I love to make and deliver cookies like my Heavenly Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies but nothing says I adore you quite like a batch of rich dark chocolate truffles especially when flavored with something iconically French like Cointreau. 

Making a batch of my Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffles is a fantastic way to treat your friends who share your passion for chocolate. 

Close up of Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Chocolate chips for Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

To begin, add cream to a double boiler and heat it until it is simmering, small bubbles forming around the edge of the pan with steam rising from its center. 

Next, remove from the heat and stir in the chopped chocolate.  Stir a bit, then add butter, butter will make the truffles melt nicely on the tongue. 

Truffle mixture for Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Continue to stir constantly, until there are no small bits of chocolate or butter remaining, this is the mark of an excellent truffle!

Allow the mixture to cool in the refrigerator before slicing into small pieces and rolling into balls. 


Roll the truffle balls in a mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa and store in the refrigerator until ready to eat!

Truffles keep nicely in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks depending on the freshness of your ingredients.

Delicious Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Cointreau Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

1 cup heavy cream

18 ounces dark chocolate, chopped finely

2 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon Cointreau

3 1-inch strips orange peel

½ cup powdered sugar

½ cup unsweetened cocoa

Heat the cream, Cointreau and orange peel in a medium saucepan or double boiler until it begins to steam.   Remove from heat and discard the orange peel.   Add chopped chocolate to the warm cream and stir until chocolate is almost incorporated, add butter, continue to stir until completely smooth.  Pour the mixture into a plastic lined shallow pan and spread to ½ inch thickness.  Refrigerate the mixture until chocolate has solidified about 3 hours.  Combine powdered sugar and cocoa on a plate.  Using a sharp knife, slice the truffle mixture into even sized squares, roll chocolate mixture into balls.  Then, roll the truffle balls into the cocoa mixture.  Store the truffles in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

TIPS:  For a more powerful chocolate hit, roll truffles in straight cocoa.

I Use Trader Joes, Pound Plus dark chocolate from Belgium

You can also use chocolate chips, I like Ghirardelli’s brand, use 3 cups

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XOXO Lorie


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