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Captivating Light of Provence

Captivating Light of Provence and 3 Tips for Outstanding Photos

There is something spectacular about the light in Provence. It feels like you are standing in an orb of soft light and photos, especially of people, are extremely pretty. This interesting phenomenon is of course what has drawn artists to the sunny South of France for centuries. Van Gogh spent the last year of his life in Saint Remy, the home base for A Taste of Paris trips to Provence.

He was quite prolific and one of his most famous works, Starry Night was painted here.

I’m taking 7 passengers to the South of France in September 2024.  For the first time ever, I’m opening the trip to the public, TODAY!  7 glorious days in Provence is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. There are only 2 seats left for this highly sought-after trip. You will find all of the information below. but first…

It’s this unique light in the region that got me thinking it might be nice to share my top 3 tips for taking great photos no matter where you are in the world.

Top 3 Tips for Taking Great Photos

-Use natural light whenever possible and be sure the light is cast on the subject’s face not from behind. It’s astonishing how many times we forget this when trying to capture an ideal photo. This is especially important when taking pictures of people so that shadows are not cast on faces.

-To look open and happy, try these 2 things, tilt slightly forward at the hips, no more than 1 inch. And for anyone over 50, push have them push their face forward 1 inch. Be sure they do not tip their chin up or down while doing this, or they could look angry. This face-forward tip is my personal favorite!

-Be sure the subject is smiling with their eyes. Have the subject remember a happy time or memory and focus there while you say cheese and push the F-Stop or the iPhone button!

If you try these tips you will be amazed at how great your photos are!

More about A Taste of Paris and Provence…
Your senses will come alive as we explore Provence together. Feel ancient cobblestones beneath your feet as we meander through quaint villages.  Discover the region’s vibrant colors and the orbital light that has drawn artists here for centuries. Imagine the smell of lavender, thyme, freshly prepared foods, and buttery pastries wafting through the air.  Taste products from the region that are produced by passionate food artisans like olive oil, honey, cheese, and local wines. An unforgettable experience that some say is awe-inspiring.

The Details:
The dates are September 14th -21st
Home Base is Saint Remy
Double occupancy or single supplement rooms are available



A few seats left for Appetizers Just in time for Holiday Gatherings Thursday, November 16, 2:30-9:00 Come to a cooking class that’s like throwing a party without all the work!  Join me in the kitchen to concoct crave-able appetizers that reflect the flavors of the season.  Sip gorgeous Rosemary Pomegranate Palomas as stunning as they are delicious and join the fun in the kitchen or sit back and watch as each dish unfolds.  The fall harvest is our muse beginning with Spiced Pear Brie en Croute crafted to resemble a pumpkin will delight the senses.  Your tastebuds will jump with each bite of our Confetti Cornbread Scones stuffed with Jalapenos Jam and Barbequed Pork Loin.  Next up, adorable READ MORE

See you soon!

XO Lorie


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