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Blood Orange Martini

I was in Trader Joe’s today and scored 2 bags of blood oranges for only $2.49 each!

In the past finding this unusual orange meant driving the distance to a specialty food store and paying what seemed like a king’s ransom for the honor.  You can understand my excitement about this deal at Traders.

All I could think about was crafting my all-time favorite cocktail, Blood Orange Martinis this weekend!!

The bright maroon colored flesh seems like a freak of nature.  The rich and vibrant hue makes me want to break into a happy dance.

Generally we think about darker colored foods having greater nutritive value but the truth is there is not much difference between a navel orange and a blood orange.

The flavor is a different story. Blood oranges are less acid than their counterparts and have a distinct smell and taste of red berries. This explains why the seasonal fruit is so special and perfection in my cocktail.

I hope you will grab a few bags of blood oranges, squeeze that precious juice and shake a few cocktail along with me.  We can toast each other!

à votre santé!

 Blood Orange Martini

1 part orange vodka

1 part blood orange soda

2 parts blood orange juice

½ part triple sec

Zest of ½ orange

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain before serving in a glass with a sugar rim.


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4 Replies to “Blood Orange Martini”

  1. Where do you find blood orange soda?


  2. Hi Sharon!
    You can get an Italian brand in cans at almost any grocery store. If your going to Trader Joe’s, they have a bottled variety near the room temperature bottled juices.


  3. Gwen Armstrong June 1, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    Lori, thanks for the blood orange martini recipe. I got inspired and made blood orange margaritas instead. They were absolutely phenomenal and very refreshing.


    1. Hi Gwen!
      Wow blood orange margaritas sound fantastic! Tell me how you made them if you have time.


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