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Best Croissant in Paris

Pastries in Paris

The best croissant in Paris, talk about a controversial subject! Hey, I like many others, take pastry very seriously!

When I am in France I don’t skimp on pastries. I eat pain au chocolat, which is basically a croissant with dark cholate baked inside, every single day. On mornings when I don’t have appointments, I can be found traipsing through the city of Paris, trying a new patisserie that promises to be the next hidden gem.

Lately, there has been a real push to reduce the amount of butter and sugar in traditional French treats making some of the croissants, dare I say it, downright dry. I understand this movement towards a diet with less fat but when I want a croissant, I want there to be plenty of butter baked inside.

If I lived in France, I’d have to use more discretion or willpower to avoid these buttery treats on a daily basis. But when I’m there, I seek out well-balanced Viennoiserie, that is to say; puffy interior, crackly flakey outer layer, plenty of chocolat, and enough butter to let you know you’ve just had a treat!


Best Croissant in Paris

In recent years, I’ve discovered a few new places and today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorites, Des Gateaux et du Pain, located in the 7th arrondissement on Rue du Bac. This beautiful patisserie opened it’s doors in 2006 and has become one of the leading shops in Paris.  Claire Damon is the baker and she is well known for her sweet creations filled with emotion and personality. 

Des Gateaux et du Pain will not let you down! It has a pretty, fine-boutique feel. The pastries are dotted around, the shop elegantly, almost like expensive handbags! The minimal display of treats lets you know they are something special. Even though the counters are not filled to the brim with goodies, rest assured, there are plenty of pastries here, the stock is in the back!

Best Croissant in Paris

The pain au chocolat is so good, that I can’t wait for privacy to enjoy it, in typical American fashion, I’ll eat it right on the street! If you prefer a bit more decorum, just keep walking on Rue du Bac and you will happen upon a charming garden, go inside, sit on the bench and relish your treat amongst the blooming shrubs!

Croissant shop in Paris

If you can’t make it to France for the best croissant in Paris, learn to make Viennoiserie in your home kitchen! Join me in February for a Croissant Workshop it will be a deliciously good time!

cooking class in Paris

And if your considering a trip to Paris, there is still time to Join the Waitlist for travel in 2023! The Waitlist enables you to be the first to see all of the glorious details of what promises to be the best trip yet, for ATOP travelers.

Hope to see you soon!  



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