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My Favorite Paris Gardens

It’s springtime in Paris and the gardens are alive with color and people.

For a real treat I like to spend a little time walking through the Tuileries Garden.  Looking back towards the Louvre gave me this beautiful shot of the pond, fountain and in the distance the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.

This delightful red bud is really showing off her colors!

A long cold winter makes the Parisians eager to get outside to enjoy nature.  A garden visit is fantastic for people watching!

After several days of spring showers, the Parisians are taking advantage of sunshine. Nothing feels better than kicking back to catch a few rays!

Luxembourg Garden is a special place.  There are flowers blooming everywhere like these dazzling coral poppies, so French!

What luck!  Sailboats for rental!

I was absolutely captivated by the darling children floating their boats out onto the pond. Visiting Luxembourg on a Saturday in the spring was a good call!

The ducks didn’t even seem to notice they were sharing the pond with a fleet of colorful sailboats.  That’s a nice view of Luxembourg Palace in the distance.

The true gem of Luxembourg Gardens is the Medici fountain.  The serene pool and aluring sculpture make this a great place for rest and reflection.

One of my favorite sights in the garden is this musician charming the tulips!

I hope you will take some time to stop and smell the roses in your neighborhood this season!



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2 Replies to “My Favorite Paris Gardens”

  1. Absolutely stunning!!! Ohhhh…my…word!


    1. Thank you! Such fun!


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