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Win Vanilla Beans to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

Keep reading to find out how.

Let’s make vanilla extract!  It’s so incredibly simple to do and July is the perfect month for this fun project because your vanilla will be rich in flavor and aroma by the holiday baking season.  Homemade vanilla extract makes all of your baked recipes sing like my Pavlova with Berries and Cream. And homemade vanilla extract is a fantastic gift for all of the bakers in your life, so plan to make extra for gift giving!

To make vanilla extract all you will need is a clean jar, non-flavored alcohol like vodka, and vanilla beans. 

When choosing vanilla beans, be sure to look for plump and oily beans.  If beans are dried, don’t purchase them.  For reliable vanilla beans, use my source Vanilla Bean Kings click HERE!

To make the extract just pour the vodka on top of the beans, close the jar and shake.  Let vanilla stand for 3-5 months for maximum flavor, shaking every few days.

One of my favorite things about having fresh vanilla extract on hand is the vanilla bean paste that is created as a byproduct.  To use vanilla bean paste in recipes, just pull a vanilla bean out of the extract solution, snip the tip-off and squeeze the paste into your favorite recipe. 


Homemade Vanilla Extract

2 cups vodka

10 vanilla beans

Place vanilla beans into a clean bottle or jar.  Pour vodka on top and shake.  Let the mixture sit in a cool dry place for 3-5 months, shaking it occasionally.

For your chance to win vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla extract, my Instagram post on making vanilla and tag friends, each tag is an entry

See you soon,

XOXO Lorie



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