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Top 5 Travel Tips for Paris

I am preparing for another trip to Paris with my fantastic 2018 group and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back in the city I love so much.

I thought it might be fun to give you my top 5 tips for a fabulous trip to Paris.

#1 Make a Plan for your time in the city.

Paris is a busy place and you need a plan for what you want to see and do long before you get there.  This is not a town to show up and wing it.  Start your first day with activities that are in close proximity to your hotel.  Resist the urge to take a nap, this is a rookie mistake.  Just take it easy, have a good dinner and get to bed early and by the second day, you will be golden! Plan to use the Paris metro, it is easy to figure out and the very best way to get around the city.  For activities that are more spread out, use Uber to save your feet and don’t forget to schedule lots of breaks for pastry snacks!

#2 Packing

The best time for Paris is the early spring and late fall because the city is less crowded. The weather is usually lovely, although unpredictable so I recommend packing layers of clothing. I like to plan my outfits and fold them as a set; this is a huge time saver when getting ready. You will need:

  • Passport
  • Map
  • Umbrella
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Lightweight coat or jacket
  • Electric converters or transformer for electric appliances
  • 2 pairs of comfortable shoes

#3 Banks and Credit Cards

Call your bank and credit card companies to give them your travel dates. Ask them if they charge a conversion fee, many cc companies charge a 3% fee for changing the currency from Euros to dollars and that can add up! Think about loading a prepaid debit card with Euros before leaving the US, this is a handy way to be sure you don’t break your travel budget.

#4 Hydrate!

Dehydration makes your body tired and lethargic and the last thing you want is to feel bad on your trip. Flying and alcohol consumption (you will be doing both…its France you must drink the wine!) really dehydrate the body and can wreak havoc on your digestive system.  I recommend you consume extra water and fiber starting 3 days before you travel.  This insures an easier transition and no unexpected down time.

#5 Chill

Rest up before your trip. Getting out of town can be a challenge, there are so many details to tend too, I get it.  But pulling all-nighters before your big vaca is a mistake.  Instead, try and take it easy the last few days before travel, getting some extra sleep if you can.  Pack your carry on with a few of your favorite snacks, board your fight just chill.  I like to marathon watch movies and dive into a bag of Chex Mix.  Don’t underestimate the power of a snack to help you pass the time.

I would love to have YOU along on one  of my trips for 2019!

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2 Replies to “Top 5 Travel Tips for Paris”

  1. Wonderful tips and I love your post! Packing is really essential for all destinations not only Paris! Thanks for sharing your post.


    1. Thanks Lily! I agree, planning wardrobe and getting things organized for a trip gives you a foundation for a fabulous trip!


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