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Italy Does PASTA!

Pasta Sauce

Italy knows how to eat. And I can’t wait to share all I learned with you in Pasta POP-UP.

This spring we took a huge trip.  My husband and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in the French wine country and then we met our Australian friends in Italy for about 10 days.

One of the things we wanted to do is make pasta with real Italian chef’s.

Making pasta with Donna

This is Donna and I at a class near Lake Como after making tons of tortelloni pasta.

flour for pasta

Start with flour and eggs.  In Italy they breed chickens specifically for pasta eggs.  These chickens are fed foods with high beta carotene such as carrots, so they produce eggs that have vivid golden orange yolks.  This is what makes the pasta that beautiful yellow color.

Pasta dough

The mixture is kneaded by hand until you have the perfect spongy texture to the pasta dough. Is there anything more beautiful than this?

Lorie making pasta

Next, roll the dough until it is very thin, by hand or with one of these cute hand-cranked machines.

Pasta cut and filled for tortelloni.

Cut and fill the dough.

Pasta class Italy 9

Fold and pinch the adorable tortelloni.

Pasta class Italy 12

Make the sauce, oh my!

Pasta class Italy 7

Sauce the pasta.

Pasta class Italy 6

Eat the pasta!!!

Such FUN!

I can’t wait to teach you all of this and so much MORE!  Join me for Pasta POP-UP,  Register TODAY by email or CLICK HERE

Friday, August 30th 10:30-2:00 Pasta Pop-UP! Let’s make homemade pasta!  After working with Italian chefs in the Lake Como region, Lorie is ready to share all the secrets and fresh dishes she learned with YOU! We will make a snack of Sun-dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese dip for fresh Crudité and we’ll toast the generous spirit of the Italians with Prosecco before diving in to craft fresh pasta.  Making pasta by hand is the traditional way.  We will construct hand-folded tortelloni that we will cook in a decadent but refreshing Lemon Butter Sauce.  WE will enjoy two fantastic side dishes, gorgeous vine ripened Roasted Tomatoes and crispy Parmesan Baked Zucchini.  Divine Limoncello Spritzers will give us the energy to keep going to make Hand-Cut Tagliatelle in Traditional Red Sauce, so good it will make you cry!  Of course, no meal is complete without Gelato and I am thrilled to share MY version of this magnificent dish, dreamy Dark Chocolate Gelato!  You WILL go home happy!  $79.00

au revoir for now lorie (002)




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4 Replies to “Italy Does PASTA!”

  1. I CANNOT wait for this class! I, too, was in Italy last year and took a cooking class in Rome. It was so much fun and DELICIOUS!! This will be a wonderful refresher.

    1. Hi Debra!
      I am so excited to see you!!

  2. I wish so much I was in town for this class. Maybe a repeat sometime??😊

    1. Hi Susie!
      Yes! I have a Italian workshop planned for February. we will make pasta and so much more!!

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