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Beauty Secrets Revealed

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It’s January, the month to reset and clean up our acts. This is the month I return wholeheartedly to clean eating, plenty of exercise, and my tried and true beauty routine.

Today, I’m going to share with you, my most loved products that make all the difference in how I look and feel! I think you are going to love these products too! When possible, I’ve added a link that lets you click and ship. Some links take you directly to the product manufacture.

I hope you enjoy this curated list AND I have a favor to ask. I am still searching for the BEST eye cream. If you have a great one will you leave it in the comments below so we can all benefit? Thanks!!

Not saying I’m high maintenance but these are 8, can’t live without products, that I don’t leave home without! In no particular order…

  1. Jack Black Lip Balm
Beauty secrets revealed

Hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever used and it feels like I’ve tried them all! This is a men’s product but when it’s good it’s good! Bonus, the minty smell gives you good breath!

2. Lumify Eye Drops

Beauty secrets revealed

Lumify eye drops are a game changer! One day, I just woke up with eyes that were not as young, clear and bright and then I discovered Lumify! One drop in each eye before putting your make-up on makes a world of difference, try it, you’ll see! Don’t use drops if you have contacts in, wait 10 minutes before inserting them.

3. Liver Refresh

Beauty secrets revealed

Liver Refresh is another game-changer for me. Did you know that your liver has to take all the toxins and fats out of your body? As we get older our liver can become sluggish. I first noticed a problem when I was traveling back and forth to France for 1 month at a time. I just was not able to burn fats as I had in the past so I heard about Liver Refresh and I take it every evening without fail! You might like it too!

4. Revitalash Advanced


I have been using tis product for many years and credit my lashes entirely to it! Simply swipe this conditioner on each night before bed and watch as your lashes grow longer and thicker. I suggest going direct to the manufacture for this one, I have gotten counterfeit product in the past and I don’t want you disappointed!

5. Caudalie Vinosculpt

Firming body butter

I picked up Caudalie Vinoscuplt on my last trip to France and have been amazed at the results. My skin is firmer and silky smooth. This firming body butter smells amazing and does seem to tone the skin. It is a bit of a splurge but in my book, worth it!

6. La Roche-Posay

Beauty secrets

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 is a high-quality hyaluronic acid facial serum for a decent price. If you’re not already using a hyaluronic acid serum, get one, you will be amazed at the difference in your skin. Don’t let the word acid scare you. These products, plump and draw moisture to the skin, give a smoother and tighter appearance, promote cell regeneration, and brighten your complexion. If you’re going to add 1 thing to your skin regimen, I recommend Hyalu B5!

7. Buxom Lip Gloss

lip plumper

I received Buxom Lip Gloss at a favorite things party last holiday season and it has become one of my favorite things too! This is not the average lip-plumping gloss that burns like fire on your lips. It does tingle some but it is backed up with moisturizing vitamins and it feels great! I use a little bit on top of my favorite shade of lipstick and it stays put too! Buxom comes in about 50 shades.

8. L’Occitane Immortelle Divine

beauty products

I love this L’Occitane facial oil! It is the best I’ve tried. It is lightweight, goes on easily and is absorbed well. If your face is parched, you might consider this product, it sure makes a difference for me.

Rest assured that I’m not being paid to tell you about these products, I’m just sharing what I love. In an effort to be transparent, I’m part of the Amazon Affiliate program that lets me share personal links for specific products with readers. When you click and purchase, I get about 6 cents! Wahoo!

You can also find these products at department, drug, and grocery stores.

Remember to share your favorite eye cream in the comments!

XOXO Lorie


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13 Replies to “Beauty Secrets Revealed”

  1. Bonjour Lori! I have tried many beauty products over the years and presently love Augustinus Bader. They are very expensive, but since I am turning 70 this year, I am prioritizing moi!
    With regard to eye products, I do love the following: Jouviance anti age eye lift and La Roche Posay hyalu B5.


    1. Hi Charlie!
      Thanks for this great info, I have NEVER heard of any of these products, but
      I will be looking them up!
      Have a great day!


  2. Janssen’s TriCare Eye product. Also their VitaCForce cream for the face is excellent. These European products are from the corporate family of our Johnson & Johnson Company but don’t let that deter you, their skin care is formulated with no nonsense, no frills only cosmeceuticals. The eye care product is $81. You won’t be disappointed.


    1. Hi Martha,
      So great to hear from you!
      Wow, that sounds amazing! I have never heard of these either! Such great information and the price is affordable!
      XO Lorie


    2. This is great! Thanks for sharing & being so open!!


      1. You bet! It is absolutely my pleasure! Enjoy!


  3. I had an email I thought was worth posting. Bernice tells me that Mary Kay has a few great products
    for the eyes. Instant Puffiness reducer $35.00 and Solution retinol 0.5 $120.00


  4. Love these suggestions. Thanks for sharing. I have been clicking away! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Vonda!
      I am so happy you found a few new things, pure greatness!!


  5. Love the info — my favorite eye cream is Kara Vita’s Eye Tender.


    1. Thanks, Pam!
      Yet another eye cream I have never heard of. I can hopefully get samples of all these goodies to pick MY favorite. Thanks, tons for sharing!
      XO Lorie


  6. Lesley McGinnis January 12, 2023 at 3:24 PM

    Thanks! Luckily many of your favs are mine too!!! Anxious to try some of your recommendations


    1. Thanks Lesley!! Glad you found a few new things to try! Hope you love them too!
      Xoxo Lorie


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