European Garden in my Silverplate Punchbowl


I generally keep 3 large white orchids in my silver-plate punch bowl  year round.  This summer has been exceptionally hot and the orchids did not fare very well.  I decided to brighten things up a bit by creating a European garden.


I’ll reuse the punchbowl for my garden because the scale will create a lot of impact.

To get started, collect a variety of plants. Choose 1 tall plant, 1 that will drape down and a flowering plant. My container is large so 6 plants are needed to fill it up.  Going with varying shades of green and textures will give my arrangement a lot of interest.


To construct the garden, first pop a plastic liner in the bottom of the container.  This will protect it and your tabletop from leeks.



Add the tallest plant first towards the back of the arrangement.


Continue to add plants until you have a balanced garden.


Use crumpled paper or even better, foil to boost plants if needed and to hold them in place.


Fill in all of the blank spaces with a variety of moss.


This will bring the whole arrangement together and give you a cohesive European garden.


I just love it!  It is like a little bit of the outdoors right in my living room!

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Orchid Love


In the winter months I crave plants and flowers indoors more than ever.

Every year When I put all of the Christmas decorations back up for 11 months, I craft a large orchid arrangement for the coffee table in my living room.

Making a show stopping arrangement with fresh orchids is easy!


I have a very large silverplate punch bowl that is the perfect foundation for an arrangement like this.  You could also use a galvanized steel bucket, a ceramic planter or even a basket.  3 orchid plants are needed for the arrangement.

Begin by removing the plants from the pottery planter they come in.orchid2.jpg

Next, place the plants in the punch bowl.  Use crumpled paper or foil to hold the orchids in place and upright.


Once the plants are in place, use moss to cover the paper or foil and to make it look like a cohesive arrangement.


Using a variety of moss adds interest.


Just poke the moss in around the leaves, covering all of the paper and roots. You could add flat rocks, pieces of bark or interesting sticks to the moss area as well.


And voila!  Just like that I have a gorgeous orchid arrangement that will last for months with proper care.


Water once a week with 3-4 ice cubes per plant and fertilize with orchid spray every other week. Enjoy!

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