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Flower Power

Flowers have powers!  In these troubling times, take time to stop and smell the roses.   Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can bring us the most joy.  For that reason, I beleive flowers have healing powers.

I picked up a bunch of these gorgeous light yellow roses that paired perfectly with several stems of blue hydrangeas.  I always craft simple flower arrangements in my crystal rose bowls. They are low and have a wide mouth making it easy to cut stems short and stuff the bowl full! One little trick I’ve learned to keep the stems steady is to secure them with a rubber band.

If hydrangeas get wilted, revive them by cutting about 1/2 inch of the stems off.  Then gently run cold water over the blooms from the back side.  Let the water drain well before placing the hydrangeas back in the bowl with clean water.



Join me for

3 Day French Workshop  September 13th-15th 10:00-1:30- 3 seats OPEN!

I am planning an extraordinary week for 10 class participants. Join me for my 3 Day French Workshop.   Immerse yourself in the French culture as we prepare 3 meals a day including 2 French sauces..  French cooking is the gold standard and when you master these skills, they apply to all types of cooking.  In French Food Workshop you will travel the country of France as we prepare time honored classics.   We will cook and enjoy breakfast and lunch together and a single portion of the dinner offering will be packed home to enjoy in the evening hours.

Two of the five French mother sauces, Hollandaise and Veloute are included in this workshop, three timeless and irresistible desserts as well as French Bread and fresh churned European style butter.   We will make our own Herbs de Provence to be used in our recipes.  Class is limited to 10 participants.  Class Fee $232.00

Day 1  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ours will be puffy golden brown Pain Perdue served with freshly made sweet Strawberry Jam.  Tomato Basil Soufflés will rise to amazing heights for lunch along with a Fall Salad made from the perfect combination of pears blue cheese and walnuts.  For dinner we will prepare rich and satisfying Daube de Boeuf Provencal a lovely hearty beef stew.  For dessert we will concoct dreamy Coconut Crème Brulee.

Day 2  We will start our day with the tasty simplicity of Cherry Clafouti.  For lunch we will learn to make the perfect Buckwheat Crepes and luscious Hollandaise Sauce; they come together to create Asparagus and Ham Crepes. We will head to the Basque region of France to concoct a dinner that is sure to become a favorite recipe.  Bell pepper, onions and tomatoes are slow cooked with chicken to become Poulet Basquaise.  For dessert Strawberry Jam will be used to fill sweet and crumbly Gateau Basque

Day 3  Breakfast will be extraordinary Soufflé Omelet with herbs and Gruyere cheese.  We will enjoy fresh baked French Bread and Churned Butter with lunch of my all-time favorite Coquilles Saint Jacques.  For Coquilles we will learn the second of our sauces, Veloute.  Dinner will be slow cooked, satisfying Cassoulet with Kielbasa Sausage and Bacon.  As a celebration of our last day together we will prepare and enjoy the gorgeous Apple Almandine Tart.


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