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Private Guided Food & Wine Trips to France

Bespoke Trips to France

You desire more than just a vacation; you crave, the immersive culinary adventure of a lifetime. Imagine a boutique trip to France crafted just for you and your friends. Highlighting the very best that France has to offer. Cook and taste your way through Paris and beyond, while seeing the major sites and museums. You’ll visit places you’ve read about in books, seen in films, or pasted on your vision board.

A Taste of Paris™ will curate a trip to France to meet all of your needs and desires including the best bites, sites, and views this magnificent country has to offer.

Your journey becomes a sensory delight when your guide, culinary instructor, and Francophile Lorie Fangio uncorks special VIP access to private classes, tours, and experiences unavailable to the public. You won’t find this experience anywhere else.

Available Trips

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“After years of guiding trips to France, I'm here to serve those who crave more than just a vacation. Our travels together are not just about the places we visit; it's about the shared moments, the laughter over a glass of wine, the stories exchanged over a freshly baked croissant.”

Contact Lorie today to schedule a private food and wine trip to France for you and 5-12 of your friends!


Your Private Trip to France Awaits

A Taste of Provence

Taste the food. Taste the wine. Taste the culture.

Delight in the flavors of France with A Taste of Paris™ food and wine centric trips. Years of experience and connections allow Lorie to guide groups for expertly curated cooking classes, chosen for their outstanding content and warm hospitality. Interact with French chefs and learn how they cook in an atmosphere where fun is always on the menu. Savor French delicacies at all the best places. Dine at bistros that have withstood the test of time. Experience the latest food trends. Taste the most inventive macaroons on the planet. Visit the finest chocolatiers France has to offer.

Discover France. Discover the treasures.

With A Taste of Paris™, enjoy the advantages of having a personal guide as you discover the city. Explore important museums and not only the major sites but those off the beaten path, and relish the beauty and history of France along the way. No need to worry about scheduling your days, just sit back and take it all in. France is a virtual treasure trove of shopping temptations. Lorie will take you where the French chefs shop for the finest culinary gems and she will guide you to the best flea markets for incredible Brocante. Trips will also be peppered with shopportunities requested by the group.

Be inspired by the food. Be inspired by the view. Be Inspired by the history.

Experience and be inspired by the French way of living. A Taste of Paris™ gives you the chance to shop the local markets, break bread where the French do, hunt for one of-a-kind treasures, explore the history, and ignite your palate and your creativity. By providing a behind-the-scenes look at food and culture, A Taste of Paris™ invites you into the daily activities that make France an inspiring place. These experiences become part of who you are, transforming your way of exploring, viewing and tasting life. Do something for YOU and prepared to be inspired for a lifetime!

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