Speaking Topics


Lorie Fangio is a teaching chef and owner of A Taste of Paris™ culinary excursions.  As an entrepreneur with a deep knowledge and love of food and France she brings these two together in lively topics that are both entertaining and informative.

The French Table

Spending years studding the way the French eat and live, offers me a unique perspective on the French table.  Much of a culture is steeped in how and what they eat.  In this entertaining discussion we will take a deep dive into the French culture as we explore food and the supreme value placed upon it. Volumes have been written about how chic and slim French women are, perhaps we can learn something from this culture rich in its food traditions and history.

The French and Their Cheese

The French love their cheese; in fact there are over 365 varieties in France, one for every day of the year.  In this lively discussion a French cheese board will be crafted right before your eyes. Proper cheese service will be discussed and you may be surprised at what you learn.  Differences in American and French cheeses will be covered as we taste cheese, like fine wine, to discover the subtle and bold flavor profiles of French cheese.

Glorious Champagne

Champagne is a symbol of luxury. Explore the brilliance of champagne in a discussion on the most interesting wine on the planet.  We will start at the beginning and learn the folklore surrounding the discovery of this vibrant beverage.  You will discover what the word champagne really means, how this amazing drink is made and what makes it so special all while tasting 3 varieties.

The Joy of Chocolate

Do you already adore chocolate or do you just want to learn more about this spectacular food? The joy of chocolate is an exciting look at the wonderful world of fine chocolate.  We will explore the origin and history of chocolate as well as modern day production practices like bean to bar manufacturing.  We will taste rich dreamy chocolate as we wind our way through this revealing discussion. Many think chocolate has the ability to transform your mood; I simply believe it is magical.