Speaking Engagements


Lorie Fangio is a culinary instructor with a deep knowledge of food and nutrition.  As the owner of A Taste of Paris™ culinary excursions, she has studied the French from a culinary perspective for many years.  She is an informative and entertaining speaker on the below topics.

The French Table- Much is made of the fact that French Women Don’t Get Fat…explore the differences between the French table and the American one in this deep dive into the French Table.

Good Things I’ve Learned from the French- Is an entertaining look at some of the best things to learn from the French. Spending time exploring the way the French eat and live gives Lorie Fangio a unique perspective on their culture.   Keep what works and discard the rest.

Food is Love (when did L O V E become a 4 letter word?)- Our grandmothers loved us with food and if we were lucky so did our mothers.  Since when is loving people with food a bad thing?  Let’s reframe our thinking and love our bodies with food.

Food For Thought- With so much negative talk about food and ingredients in the headlines and a new super food being introduced practically on a daily basis it can be hard to know what we need.  Ever changing lifestyle can present a challenge too.  We will take a no nonsense look at what is really important and life strategies to serve you at the table.