Food & Wine trips to France!

Welcome to A Taste of Paris™!  Here you will find information about my food and wine centric excursions to France.  Travel with me to taste, discover, and be inspired by French food and culture, one bite at a time.

In addition to digging into the delicious details of A Taste of Paris™(ATOP) trips, be sure to check out my blog where you can find ways to taste, discover, and be inspired.   Taste the very best from my kitchen to yours, with recipes-inspired by my travels-and creative ideas for entertaining. Discover joy and passion in stories about the extraordinary people, places, and things all around us. Be inspired by the foods, cultures, and stories I love.  Your creativity will be sparked, your taste buds will tingle, and your heart will be warmed as I share my Joie de Vivre with you.

Finally, be sure to look at my current cooking class schedule, and personal appearance, and join me for real time fun in the kitchen.  Be sure to update your calendar with pertinent dates provided by ATOP.


Orange-Scented Cranberry Sauce- Thanksgiving Part 4

Do you prefer it from a can? Really there is no shame in just liking thecranberry sauce that comes in a can. I have fond memories from childhood ofthis yummy congealed concoction that was sliced into discs on a small plate andready for the table in a matter of 2 minutes. I think if you took an anonymous poll, you

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Cornbread Dressing- Thanksgiving Part 3

Who besides me, thinks Cornbread Dressing is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal? There is just something about that bumpy, nutty, cornbready, goodness that is so satisfying. It makes me look forward to Thanksgiving more than anything else on the table! My Thanksgiving dressing recipe is the one my mom made and her mom before. You could say it’s

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Thanksgiving cocktail
Sparkling Pear Cocktail Thanksgiving Part 2

Sparkling Pear Cocktail Thanksgiving Part 2 It is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is now less than 2 weeks away. If you are like me, it’s time to craft the menu for the most important cooking day of the year. When I think about what will grace the Thanksgiving table, a few tried and true favorites along with some

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Sweet potato crostini Thanksgiving part 1
Sweet Potato Crostini Thanksgiving Part 1

Sweet Potato Crostini Thanksgiving Part-1 Happy Fall Friends! We are officially in cooking season and can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away? As I head into my final week of cooking classes this season, I’m reflecting on some of the wonderful recipes we created. Today, I’ll share one of these with you, my Sweet Potato Crostini. I’ll be

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Croissant shop in Paris
Best Croissant in Paris

The best croissant in Paris, talk about a controversial subject! Hey, I like many others, take pastry very seriously! When I am in France I don’t skimp on pastries. I eat pain au chocolat, which is basically a croissant with dark cholate baked inside, every single day. On mornings when I don’t have appointments, I can be found traipsing through

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Pumpkin Cookie Recipe
Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Cookie Recipe Making pumpkin cookies or Jack-O-Lantern cookies, is a thing at our house. We started this tradition when my daughter Brooke, was in about 6th grade and have been connecting every year since to make these comical cuties that are quite tasty too! Maybe you’d like to start this tradition with your children or grandchildren this year! Creating

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