Jacqui Cooper

Was it Audrey Hepburn who said, “Paris is always a good idea” and I would add, so is the Taste of Paris cooking tour.

Teri Feldmann

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing the city of Paris and Champagne with us your shopping guidance and for just being part of my experience.

Karen Hollister

I am still dreaming about France! I just don’t think you realize what this trip meant to me on so many different levels and when I think of ALL you put together for us, I am still in amazement! I could not have asked for a more rewarding, fun experience! Thank you!

Jeanne Busch

“As  lover of travel and adventure, this trip that you organized ranks at the top of my bucket list!  The exposure to the French Culture and their love and respect for cuisine is a trait to be envied!  Thanks again for all you did that made this so memorable!”

Debbie Finely

“It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I can’t stop thinking about all we experienced.   I am overwhelmed with emotion as I think here I am having lunch at the Eiffel Tower. This was a moment of a lifetime I never really thought I would have, in Paris ,France! Cheers Jill!!!”

Sue Nagy

“My trip to Paris with Lorie was over-the-top wonderful!  I loved every single moment!!  Lorie’s knowledge on the food, culture and neighborhoods was exceptional!  The agenda is very well planned out, professionally organized and a must-do for anyone who loves an adventure!  Thank you Lorie!!”

Barbara Wagner

“I had been before, but I never really SAW Paris until I went with Lorie. An
unforgettable experience that touches the senses, the palate, and warms the
heart.  Well worth a repeat trip.”

Cynthia Seibert

“I had a great time in Paris with Lorie Fangio. Not only did we see all the sites and museums but the cooking classes were superb. We took hands on cooking lessons and then got to eat amazing food!!!! I’m looking forward to going again on any one of Lorie’s trips!!!”

Laura Whatley

“This was  an amazing trip of a  lifetime – the sites, the friendships made, and the delectable cooking!  Go with an appetite for Paris and  you will be on cloud nine.”

Kelly Jacob

“Whether you start the trip as a foodie, Francophile or a Fangio Fan, this trip will end up being all three! Truly a trip of a lifetime.”