Autumn in Provence~A Trip to the Market


Provencal markets are truly a magical place for food lovers.


Gorgeous seasonal vegetables were relying only on their vivid color to entice buyers.


Stunning eggplants begging to come home and become something wonderful on your plate!


I adore the vegetables artfully displayed in sturdy baskets.


Freshly picked thyme and bay leaves perched in this precious, red riding hood basket.


The markets of Provence have much more to offer foodies besides just produce.


Freshly made sausage is always a good bet to go along with a cheese and wine picnic perhaps?


Nuts and dried fruits as far as the eye can see.


And prepared foods like roasted chicken or this enormous copper pan loaded to the brim with Paella, just look at the size of those shrimp!


Markets are bursting with jams, tapenades and spreads along with clothing, table linens, soaps and lavender. All in all a truly lovely way to spend a few hours and we did!

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Autumn in Provence~Sunflowers and Van Gogh


I was at Trader Joes this morning gathering supplies for my classes this week, French Foods of the Normandy Coast and 4 Course French Menu at the Arboretum on Saturday and I noticed the gorgeous sunflowers for sale.


They reminded me of the lovely sunflowers I enjoyed while touring my A Taste of Provence group in September. Sunflowers are such a happy flower!


So big and bold, they almost don’t look real.


The Provencal sunflowers surely inspired Vincent Van Gogh to paint this vase chalked full.  This particular painting was done while he lived in Arles, not far from our base in Saint Remy.


One of the most interesting places we visited this year was the Van Gogh Clinic.  Van Gogh checked himself in and spent the last year of his life here in Saint Remy.


He was very prolific and painted some of his most well-known pieces here, including Starry Night and Irises.  This is a look at the beautiful interior garden that inspired Van Gogh and many other residents.


This is such a beautiful view of the outdoor garden at the clinic, also a source of inspiration to the artists here.


I thought this was such an interesting arrangement I came across while traveling in the area. The sunflowers standing so tall and proud!

Have a happy day!


Dinner Party~Flavors from a Provençal Market

Dinner PartyIMG_8524

I am thrilled to say that you are invited to a fall dinner party featuring flavors from the markets of Provence.  I’ve only been back from the heart of Provence a few days and my soul is bursting with inspiration I will soon share with guests of this magnificent event.

I have partnered with Lauren Palmer from The Art of Living Beautifully who will open her stunning home for the evening and Tracie Miller and Marcie Heneham from Unique Unique Designs who will  be styling  this glorious event.

The evening will begin with cocktails and nibbles and then a short program; I’ll share more about the menu and of course fabulous Provence! Tracie and Marcie will give you plenty of inspiration for tablescaping and centerpieces sure to inspire you for the upcoming entertaining season.

After our short program we will invite our guests to sit for a wonderful meal including wine pairings that have been graciously donated by Andy Doyle of McKinney Wine Merchant. I am particularly excited to share the splendid dessert planned for you.

I look forward to seeing you there!  Don’t delay, only a few tickets remain.

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Dinner Party 4



Various Cheeses at a French Market, Barthelemy

Barthelemy One of My Favorite Parisian Addresses!


The French are serious about their cheese.  The average French citizen consumes more than 55 pounds of cheese annually compared to a meager 34 pounds for Americans. No matter how you slice it, thats a lot of cheese!


In France there is an entire course of the meal dedicated to cheese.  The cheese course is served after the main course and before or instead of dessert.  Cheese is considered a digestive, it “closes the stomach”.  I tend to close my stomach with chocolate but I digress.

Barthelemy 2

Because the French love their cheese, every community in France has a Fromagerie, an entire shop dedicated to cheese.


If you’re visiting Paris and have time for only 1 cheese shop, Barthelemy is a must.  This quaint little shop is packed full of wonderful cheese. It’s worth noting that Barthelemy is the supplier to the Elysee, the official residence of the President! So if you go there and taste cheese, you will eat the same cheese as President Macron, pretty cool huh?


When I visited in September, I could  not  wait to get my hands on the petit coeur de neufchatel.  These darling hearts had mine at first glance and the flavor was incredible.  If you like creamy cheeses the house made Fontainbleau should not be missed.  It has a dreamy cloud like texture, is mild in flavor and made with cows milk.

It makes me want to emulate the French and have a dedicated cheese course with all of my meals!

If you want to learn more about French cheeses, join me this Saturday, February 23rd  for a demonstration The French and Their Cheese at the Dallas Arboretum

Or register for French Provencal 2 Day Workshop April 5th and 6th, a cheese course is served each day in this deep dive into provencal cooking for a once in a lifetime cooking class experience.


Come with me to France and taste it all for yourself!

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