A Taste of Paris Winter Event; It’s a Wrap!

Valentine event 2020 2 (6)

Oh, what FUN we had!

Ladies smiling with champagne

Last Friday was the A Taste of Paris winter event, It’s Valentine’s day- An Enchanting French Experience and it was epic!

Hosting events quarterly lets me bring my love of France right here to the Dallas area AND give its participants a tiny taste of what ATOP trips are like!

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A group of amazing women joined me at Toulouse, Legacy West for a wonderful day together!

Ladies enjoying themselves

As I welcomed the group, we talked a bit about how French women have je ne sais quoi; that something special that’s hard to put your finger on.  Volumes have been written on the topic, trying to decode this mystery.

To sum up the allure of French women in a few words, I would simply say, that French women seek pleasure in all that they do. They leave shame behind and move towards their passions, enjoying what is before them.

I invited the group to act as French women for the day; to relish in the beauty, flavors and delight the day would bring.  And we began!

Orchid taken by The Art of Living Beautifully

It all started with a lovely presentation on orchids.  I had been deeply inspired by the orchid arrangements at the villa, I take my ATOP group to in Provence.  The simplicity is what makes them so stunning.

Julie O'Keeffe arranging orchids

Julie O’Keeffe owned her own florist for over 20 years in California and studied orchids from a leader in the industry for many years.  She shared a wealth of information on the care of one of nature’s most interesting flowers.

Right before our eyes, and in a matter of minutes, Julie fashioned a stunning arrangement made in a very French, white ceramic planter. She also showed us how simple it is to pop 1 orchid into any kind of container, even a champagne bucket!

Julie has a deep knowledge on flowers and all things that grow.  If you live in McKinney, you are in luck, she can be found most mornings at Trader Joe’s, playing with the flowers!

cocoa pods

Next, I introduced, Troy Easton owner of  Sublime Chocolates at Waters Creek in Allen.

I was so excited to share this boutique brand with the ladies and YOU and just in time for Valentine gift giving.

Troy talking about chocolate

Troy is passionate about fine chocolates and has a profound knowledge of the business.  Including crafting his own bean-to-bar chocolates, which is no small feat!

chocolate samples

He shared how this luscious and exotic food is grown, harvested and produced and then, we got to taste some of his sensational products, an event highlight!

Valentine event 2020 13

Troy finishes his truffles in the French way.  The size is a bit smaller (not too small!) with a thin coating of chocolate, and a beautiful design.  Sublime chocolates are very elegant and completely irresistible!

Dior fragrance

After the chocolate our motors were running and we were ready for Erik Martinez, the Regional Director of Dior Beauty.  He was so entertaining as he shared many untold stories of the man behind the brand, Christian Dior, it was utterly fascinating.

Lorie with 3 fragrance samples

He brought a team of 6 to help everyone experience Dior, from lip care to the tantalizing fragrances in the Miss Dior collection and then for a makeup touch ups for all!

Waiter pouring champagne

We were all ready for a champagne break!

chicken Paillard at Toulouse

The 3-course lunch was delectable.  I had the Chicken Paillard, the best, I’ve ever eaten!

Chocolate Lava cake

And Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert really hit the spot, my compliments to the chef!

event favors

I was so pleased to share a gorgeous gift with each of the guests.

Valentine event 2020 2 (5)

Putting together the assortment of goodies was pure joy for me!

More selfis

What an amazing day, focusing on beauty, pleasure and joy!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Thank you Lauren Palmer, The Art of Living Beautifully for sharing so many beautiful pictures of the event with you!


An assortment of white and cream Dior gowns.

An Exclusive Day of Dior- with ATOP

An assortment of red Dior dresses.

Dior- From Paris to the World

I spent a few hours at the Louvre several years ago exploring the incredible world of Dior at the world acclaimed exhibit that broke all attendance records.  When I returned to the Dallas area, I visited the Dior store at Highland Park Village, they were all a buzz with the news that the Dior exhibit would, eventfully make its way to Dallas! After waiting more than 2 years the magnificent exhibit has finally arrived.

An assortment of white and cream Dior gowns.
I am thrilled to bring you an exclusive Day of Dior, curated just for ATOP followers.

This experience promises to be filled with amazing fashion, fabulous food and wine and of course FUN.  I sincerely hope you will join ATOP for…

A Day of Dior

Friday, July 19th

11:00 am Dallas Museum of Art
Welcome and a preview of the exhibit with an expert-
Dior from Paris to the World
Enjoy the Exhibit

12:45 Lunch at Bistro 31, Highland Park Village
Private lunch in the Champagne Room
with Wine

Christian Dior Highland Park Village- Sweets and Champagne
A look at modern day Dior and a peek at 2019 fall fashion- Jake Walton

3:00 Farewell- Gift bag for all participants

Tickets are limited Get them HERE

Cream colored Dior gown with red velvet ribbon and ivy.

The exhibit was so incredible, it literally brought me to tears.

An assortment of 4 Dior gowns.

Pictures hardly do the gowns justice; the fabrics are so ornate.

Up close of fabric from Dior gown.

This is a close-up of the fabric from a strapless gown.  The flowers are all hand-made of silk.  I wanted to scoop this up and take it with me, it was my favorite!

I hope YOU will join me!

au revoir for now lorie (002)