Mrs. Clause Goes Country!

Mrs. Clause Goes Country!

Mrs. Clause Goes Country!

Ever wonder what Mrs. Clause does on Christmas Eve?  Wonder no more!  Mrs. Clause Goes Country, is a darling book written by a friend and neighbor.

The author and illustrator of Mrs. Clause Goes Country!

Julie Christianson, the author, describes in great detail how Mrs. Clause spends her time while Santa is delivering toys to boys and girls around the world.  Needless to say, Mrs. Clause has a few secrets of her own!   

An illustration from Mrs. Clause Goes Country!
Julie’s daughter, Alayna Dennison, illustrates the prose and does a particularly  nice job with the barnyard friends.

To get a copy for yourself, you can find a soft cover or E-book on Amazon. Or for a real treat; choose the hardcover, signed by the author by emailing Julie direct at  Text orders to 469 396 7472.

The hardcover of Mrs. Clause Goes Country is $15.00.

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