Let’s Cook Together

Let's Cook Together- cooking is fun

Let’s cook together!

I have missed teaching and cooking with you guys so much. Although we can’t be together in person yet, I’m offering virtual cooking classes just in time for the holiday season.

You will connect to the LIVE class with a link and cook along with me.  The best part…you will have prepared the recipes to be eaten and enjoyed by YOUR family and friends.

Shopping lists, recipes and prep instructions will all be provided.

Thanksgiving Table a Virtual cooking class- Let's Cook together!

pretty pes cooking class cutwork pies- Let's Cook together!

Pretty Pretty Pies Cooking Class- Virtual class. Thursday, November 19th from 6:30-8:30. Is there anything prettier than pie?  Sweet and salty, crisp and juicy all in one bite!  I am thrilled to share my new skills at making pies that look like works of art.  Are you an artist, or just wish you were? Be amazed at how pretty your pies will be.  Make all the pies real time with me OR sit back and watch the artistic cooking. $39.00 View the MENU and Click to REGISTER

gifts from the kitchen virtual cooking class- Let's Cook together!

16th Annual Gifts from the Kitchen- Virtual class. Thursday, December 3rd from 6:30-8:30-This fun and festive class will take you through an array of goodies perfect for gift giving, fabulous ideas to gift neighbors and coworkers.  Sure, this year you’ll have to wear a mask and gloves while making the treats but let’s keep the tradition alive!!  Creative packaging techniques will be demonstrated for each recipe so your gifts will dazzle. $39.00 View the MENU and Click to REGISTER

Crave Able Appetizers-Let's Cook together!

Crave Able Appetizers- Virtual class. Thursday, December 10th 6:30-8:30 This festive class is focused on concocting crave able appetizers that will delight the senses. Everyone loves tasty tidbits and fresh new ideas are a must to tempt your family and friends. I’ll show you several “bonus” options that will really jazz up your next appetizer party!  $29.00 View the MENU and Click to REGISTER


virtual cooking class, Rustic apple tart- Let's Cook together!

As a bonus, when you register for any fall or holiday cooking classes, you will be sent the link to this class for Rustic Apple Tart.  This irresistible recipe is loaded with fresh apples and cinnamon and is sure to become one of your GO-TO recipe favorites!

Click to REGISTER for any holiday classes!
I can’t wait to be back in the kitchen with you guys! 
Let’s cook together this holiday season.


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