A Tidbit of Advice from ME to YOU!

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Good Morning!

Many of you already know that I was hacked.

I want to thank those of you that called, texted and wrote me encouraging emails.  There were so many that I am sure many went unanswered but please know it was so greatly appreciated.

It all started on July 11th.  Someone broke into my Facebook account and must have published content that was inflammatory.  Within 10 minutes all of my social media accounts were systematically and permanently disabled.  I could find no recourse.

Subsequently, my Walmart account (did not even know I had it), Amazon, and E bay were hacked and even my bank showed suspicious activity.

I spent 3 solid weeks canceling everything, moving bank accounts and resetting passwords and resetting them again. I even had my computer wiped, thank you Geek Squad!

I got some outside help from 3 sources that got me talking, virtually of course, to the folks at Facebook.  After days of review, my accounts were reinstated but it did not stop there.  The hacker continued to break into my Facebook page and even took full control of my email account Loriefan@tx.rr.com.  Then one day it seemed to stop.

I am incredibly grateful that no fraudulent charges were made on any of my accounts.

Here’s the advice, change your passwords to something ironclad.  Nonsensical passwords seem to be the only thing keeping this hacker at bay.

Back up your devises and just plan to reset passwords every 6 months.  With this approach, I feel certain that this will never happen to you.

Thanks again, for your encouragement and I invite you to stay turned, there is lots of fun content coming up!


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