I Love Succulents!

succulent pattern 8

I’m sharing a passion project with you today.  I LOVE succulents, I mean love them!

I wanted to create a patterned display of this seductive, textural plant.


I started with a cute, smallish birdbath, you know cherubs make my heart sing!

succulent pattern 2

Next, stones went into the bottom for drainage.

succulent pattern 3

I ordered several varieties of succulents all in 2-inch pots and 1, 4-inch pot for the center of the pattern.  CLICK HERE for my source.


To create the design, I started on the edge, working with a single variety to make a section.  Next, with a different color plant, a second row was formed.

succulent pattern 6

Additional plants were added until the entire planter was full.


There is nothing as gratifying as planting something pretty.  Happy Spring!

I hope to see you in an upcoming cooking class!  CLICK HERE for the schedule.

au revoir for now lorie (002)


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