A Garden that Lures you IN


Flower basket 8

My mother and I attended the McKinney Garden Club tour this weekend.  It’s become a tradition for us to traipse through historical homes and yards and then cool off at a local restaurant for lunch.

I enjoy seeing all kinds of gardens and relish in the details that make each one unique.

When in France, I make it a point to spend some time in the little green patches all over the cities;  small community plots begging you to come in and sit for a while.

This year I was particularly inspired by s set of metal envelopes filled with bright blooms hanging from a wooden fence.

Both gates that lead to my backyard have an archway covered by pink climbing roses.  The ideal location for a set of metal planters, don’t you think?


When I got home I found these extra tall metal bins with wooden handles at a local craft store and I was on my way!

Flower basket 3

The first step was to drill a few holes in the bottom of each bin so water can drain through.  As my mother always says, “Plants don’t like their feet (roots) to stay wet!”


Stones in the bottom of each bin will also help with drainage.


I filled the bins with potting soil.


Next, it was time to plant!

I recommend choosing a variety of flowering plants to create some interest.  I like to use one plant that spills over the edge and something that will spike up on top.  Since the metal bins are relatively small it’s important to use plants that really like to show off their blooms all season.


It was finally time for the best part, hanging the pretty pair of planters.

Every time I look at them, I am transported to that sweet garden in Paris that lured me in!

Join me for a cooking class in JUNE or in Paris next April!




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  1. Anonymous

    Lorie, So happy to see you on the McKinney garden tour and to meet your mom! Love your climbing roses and planters!

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