Holiday Decorating Obsession

I have always loved glass Christmas ornaments.  I remember as a child, how I looked forward to opening the few boxes of glass ornaments in bright festive colors we had for our tree.  They had wonderful patterns made of glitter in coordinating colors and when carefully placed on the tree in front of the lights they sparkled endlessly.

ornamnets 5

When my daughter was very small, I began to transition our tree of homespun ornaments, to glass.  I will always remember that one Christmas when the tree fell over in the middle of the night breaking almost everything.  Needless to say, there were a few tears shed. After that, my husband began to anchor the top of the tree to the top of the window seal with clear fishing line.  These days the tree bases are so much better so our tree stays steady adorned with the fragile ornaments.

Enjoying these beautiful works of art does not need to be limited to the tree.  I like to use them in collections all over the house. This is an assortment including tiny birds that rests in my powder room.


Using glass cloches is a fantastic way to give importance to an otherwise plain object but when you fill the glass shell  with an assortment of ornaments, magic happens.  I just love this deer, he looks so peaceful.


Punch is not something I typically serve at my house but this silver plate punch bowl set atop my wine barrel lazy Susan stuffed to the brim with red and gold ornaments is a showstopper.


Or a small little silver plate bowl with a few final treasures.


Happy decorating!

Au revoir for now!  Lorie

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